As the teachers have been interacting with students in person recently (thank goodness for that) they have come across that many students believe that they will no longer have the Std. 10 board exam. This is fake news. Let us understand how this works and go directly to the source of this information. 

We will take a look at the actual NEP literature on the government website, which you can find here. Let us quickly look at the parts that you would be interested in. 

Article 4.37, page 18 – in simple terms what it tells you is that 

  • the format of the exam will change, but the board exam will continue
  • There will be an additional chance to take the final exam in case someone wishes to improve their scores

Article 4.38, page 18 – in simple terms what it tells you is that 

  • They are THINKING ABOUT considering an average of many tests instead of one final exam. THIS IS AN IDEA FOR THE FUTURE, NOT FOR NOW.  
  • They are THINKING ABOUT bringing in two levels of difficulty for each core subject : normal and advanced. 

Article 4.40, page 18 – in simple terms what it tells you is that 

  • They are bringing in additional board exams in Std. 3, 5 and 8. 
  • The results of these may not be declared to each student but the overall will be seen to understand whether students as a whole are doing well or not

So, what is this sensational news that is circulating? Please understand that this is FAKE NEWS. This is because 

  • Many people – including many journalists – have very bad comprehension skills
  • Most journalists are not interested in giving real information anymore, everyone just wants something “sensational” even if it is not real. Going viral has become more important than being right. 
  • Many articles have headlines that seem like something very sensational is happening so that you click on them. That is called ‘click bait’. They may have some deal with the website where they get money for clicks or there may be other ads inside that they want you to see. Basically, this is just a trick to get your attention. When you actually read the real information you realise that the headline doesn’t really match what is in the article. 

Use this example as one more life lesson. 

  • Try to do fact checks for yourself. It is better to go directly to the source of information when there is a lot of general gossip happening about something – especially if it is important for you. It could be about your board exams – like this example – or could be about your school, college or work place, it could be someone in your family or a friend who is important to you. It is better to actually check for yourself than blindly believe something just because it ‘seems convenient’ or its ‘juicy gossip’. 
  • Another important thing you should know is that if something feels too good to be true, it usually isn’t true. 
  • Also use your logic. The government has to assess millions of students across the country. There has to be some way of doing it – and what other way is there? There will always be exams in some form or the other. And at the very last minute it is not possible to make such huge changes. These are always phased in and they start changing things in the lower classes first. 

In conclusion, students will be having board exams at the end of Std. 10. Walnut School always starts the preparations early. That gives our students a lot of time. We have a great planning team and wonderful teachers to help the students through this intensive preparatory period. In the meantime, my advice to all the students out there – keep calm and keep the STUDY MODE ON! 

Always here for you!

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