We have one simple and comfortable uniform for boys as well as girls. Since we have daily sports, this is what they wear everyday.

  • The material is wash and wear that does not require ironing.
  • It’s suited for our tropical Indian weather so no neck ties or bows.
  • There is no separate uniform for sports, as sports is a daily activity at Walnut school.
  • This also eliminates the hassle of remembering specific days for sports uniforms, blazers, etc.
  • They wear sneakers on their feet which supports their active day and keeps them very comfortable.


Girls have the same uniform – no pinafores or skirts. They do not have to think about the awkwardness of movement that comes with skirts. They can be as active. Gender equality, truly.

Shoes need to be completely black and must be sports shoes. Any brand will do.

  • Students are really comfortable all day, in all kinds of weather. The quality is also very good.
  • Boys love that they do not have to wear shorts. Full pants from Nursery itself.
  • Girls love full pants too. They can just be themselves, running, jumping, sitting – and no second thoughts about awkwardness!
  • It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, it’s the same uniform.
  • It’s easy to manage and easy to keep clean.
  • It’s also very economical as parents need to get 2 or 3 sets and that’s it – otherwise in a normal school, it’s 2-3 sets of the regular one, then a sports one and sometimes an additional one there too, with different shoes as well!
  • Another no-hassle feature for our parents!
At Walnut, a healthy mix of academics and activities daily makes of a perfect timetable!