Our alumni are living the Walnut way of life – tough outside and smart inside. They feel the difference that Walnut School made in their lives, more so after stepping out.

Our alumni are connected to each other closely, and know that they will always be part of the Walnut Family. They are a regular part of our yearly Carnivals too!

To bring a more structured approach to our alumni connecting with each other professionally, we have created a group on LinkedIn called Walumnuts – The Walnut School Alumni Group.

It is a closed and moderated group, which means that only verified alumni can join and participate. This ensures the quality and relevance of the content and discussions in the group)

By joining the Walumnuts Group, alumni will be able to:

  • Network with alumni from different batches, branches, and locations
  • Stay updated with the latest news and events from Walnut School
  • Showcase your professional and personal accomplishments
  • Seek advice and guidance from senior and experienced alumni
  • Explore career opportunities and referrals from alumni
  • Support and mentor current and prospective students of Walnut School
  • Contribute to the growth and development of Walnut School


If you are an alumni reading this, we would love to know what you are doing.

Do fill out this short alumni form: https://www.walnut.school/alumni-form

Let’s keep our alumni group vibrant and highly interactive!