CBSE has a two language pattern for the board exam. The first language is English and CBSE offers a huge number of choices for the second. However, for three years in middle school Hindi has to be taught as a third language. After that, the third language gets dropped.

So, what about the second language?
As per the new 2020 rule of Maharashtra Legislation, for ALL schools of ALL boards in Maharashtra, till Std 10 have to follow Marathi as the second language. So French, German, Sanskrit (or any other language option, for that matter), is not allowed to be offered in any CBSE school in Maharashtra in Std. 10 anymore.



So, Marathi is an important subject for our students. We try to keep it relevant and interesting. Even though everyone speaks Marathi it has the status of “bolee bhasha” or a colloquial language. So doing it in a “formal” way is something that we have to do creatively and progressively.

Std 1, 2 : Get familiar with the Devnagari script and letters
Std 3 : Start writing letters, words and sentences. Basic comprehension.
Std 4 : Understand basics of grammar and creative writing. Comprehension builds up.
Std 5 – 10 : Level up on all skills and increase proficiency in the language.

There are revision periods after every lesson and a short multiple choice test too, which we call Test Bytes. When the Std. 10 curriculum starts, there are also short descriptive tests after each lesson, which we call Try-a-Test. This helps students maintain regular study habits and take exams in their stride.

Our students practice all the skills a lot and in a systematic way. Even their worksheets and assignments are quite interesting. So many of our students have done amazingly well in the board exams too and have scored full marks in Marathi!