Welcome to Arpita Karkarey’s Walnut School Wakad Campus!

Primary and Secondary
Spacious subject wise classrooms, halls, laboratories, libraries, activity rooms, studios, computer rooms and so much more. The students will also have dedicated sports facilities for basketball, volleyball, futsal, khokho and studios for carrom, yoga, self defence and gymnastics. Since all the students have sports everyday, these facilities are all weatherproof so that no one misses their daily exercise even when it's raining or there’s a bit of extra sun!  Students also have a separate, clean well ventilated dining area so that they don’t have to eat in the classroom. Clean eating areas, clean bathrooms and a spic and span student friendly school are trademarks of Walnut! 
Kindergarten Baby WALNUT
Kindergarten will have its own separate floor. They will not share their facilities with the older students because our Baby Walnuts are so very special! In their space everything will be scaled down to their size. They will have different play areas to focus on different skills and development and to provide enough variety and stimulation. Even they will have subject wise classrooms and each room will have its own theme, furniture and ambience according to the activity they do there. They even have their own libraries and computer labs!

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