Students don’t just sit in one classroom all day

  • They have different classrooms for different subjects
  • Each classroom has special material needed for that subject – the textbooks, teaching aids, models, worksheets etc.
  • The classroom ambience and furniture layout changes as per the requirement of the subject too!
So how does all this help then? 
  • They get an automatic 5 min break between classes, which keeps them alert and fresh.
  • The physical movement helps with learning outcomes as extensive research has shown.
  • Each classroom has its own theme, ambience and equipment. So it also gives a change of scenery and acts as a good refresher.
  • Students get a chance to visit the washrooms, or have a quick sip of water in this interval too.
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This is possible only with a learning system like ours and a properly executed plan.
  • They get an 5 min movement break between classes, which enhances assimilation due to neuroplastic changes in the brain
  • The ambience changes from room to room, keeping them alert which is a good change
  • They do not have to carry things as everything is provided in that room
  • Everything is provided in the school so parents have a hassle free experience as well
  • School is interesting and students love going to school everyday
  • As students are interested and alert, they learn more and parents can see amazing development
  • Periodic movement keeps the students alert and they learn better
  • Even in the last period, students have good attention span
  • Teachers always have material ready, so teaching is better
  • Classroom layout is as per the requirements of the subject, so teachers can teach better