A separate vibrant classroom for each subject

The subject-wise classroom concept that starts in Kindergarten continues right up to Std. 10. in Walnut School.

What do you mean by Subject-wise classrooms?

That means the children move to a different classroom for each period.

Each room has interiors customized to teach that particular subject! So, the classroom becomes a learning aid too! Children learn science in the Science Lab, Math in the Math lab and Social studies in the Social studies room!

How does that help the students?

Moving between rooms gives our students a five minute break after each period, which keeps them alert and fresh, even at the end of the school day.

This also helps with learning outcomes too as it allows the brain the opportunity to go through neuroplastic changes that are necessary to solidify learning – as extensive research has shown.

All this results in better learning and a very interesting school day and is only possible only with a learning system like ours and a properly executed plan.

Will the kids not get tired because of changing classrooms? 

Nope, not at all. There is plenty of time to get to the next class. They also use this time to go to the bathroom or drink water if they feel the need to. It gives them a good break.

It helps them reset their mental fatigue too. In fact they are super happy and high on energy even at the very last period of the day.

Also they only have to leave their floor for food or sports. Otherwise its mostly just shuffling between classrooms that are quite close to each other.