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What does our country really need for a brighter tomorrow? Other than basic needs and health, it needs education. If the masses at the grass roots are educated, they can start thinking beyond the ordinary, out of the box.   Education at the grass roots is where we come in. We love educating children. Period. We want to educate them in the best possible way, right from when they just about start going to school, to when they get past junior college.   It is here where we believe magic can happen, if children are given the right stimulus to think, and to absorb information in a way that they want, not how we want it to be. Children get the right education.

We are a lean group of leading educationists, geeks and professionals. We are creating a new paradigm in school education by using cutting edge technology along with massive pedagogical learnings. Add in amazing content, and add around two hundred years of cumulative experience in education, and we have a winner. Arpita Karkarey’s Walnut School is unique in many ways. Not only because we have a cool name and have all these features. But also because we take our job very seriously. We have a very powerful learning system in place, which enables our teachers to be facilitators and deliver the best content.

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If you think you are good at something and want to make a difference, join in. We’re waiting to hear from you!