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Creative Job Openings at Walnut School

Dear Parents,
As you know, we have always been on the lookout for innovative and quality teachers. These ‘teachers’ are

Don't believe the fake NEP news!
Don't believe the fake NEP news!

The new NEP guidelines are out! But they have also sparked a lot of rumours, especially among the student crowd. Are Board Exams going to be cancelled? That seems to be the general understanding! Is that true? Not really! Read more to know what the NEP guidelines actually mean, and how to spot (as well as stop!) fake news circulation…

Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge
Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

We constantly strive to engage students in activities and competitions that enable them to use and upgrade necessary life skills. Computational thinking is one of those skills that students of this era need to pursue and develop. Walnut students participated in the Bebras India Challenge to test their computational thinking and problem solving skills. In 2020, 2.5 million students took the challenge across 56 countries. We’re happy to announce that our students emerged rankers in this challenge. Read more here…

Reading to your Toddler

When we choose an English medium school in India – we have to give priority to developing English fluency in the early years. English is not the language spoken in our country and for the children to be able to learn in English as they grow up, having a strong foundation of English is of utmost importance. It is therefore very necessary to invest time and energy in developing a good command over the language.

Setting up a Good Routine for your Preschooler!

A well rested preschooler is a happy preschooler. A good and consistent bedtime routine ensures that the child has a better temperament through the day and is is less likely to fall sick. What happens in the absence of enough sleep? Read on to know how to set up a good routine for your preschooler!



Walnut School students have won the inter-school Scratch competition again! Kudos to Parth Mayadeo and Om Kulkarni for participating even though they are in 10th grade!


Board Games at Walnut School

Board games help to work on several very critical life skills in the students which cannot be developed in any other way. They learn risk taking, strategy planning and more. Find out how we do this at Walnut!

Old School vs Walnut School

Conventional schools and exam systems train you to follow instructions. That is not how the real world works. At Walnut, we give students many opportunities to try things out and take a risk.

Masti Ki Pathshala
Masti Ki Pathshala

September has been a month of academics, competitions and festivities at Walnut! So what’s in store for October?