For academic year 2023-24
The best schooling experience. Period.


For academic year 2023-24
Your child deserves the best education. That starts at Walnut.
No School Bag

You read that right. Through systematic and careful planning, we have eliminated the need to carry those things through careful planning. Our team members are the pioneers of the “Bagless School” concept.


All our branches follow the same core principles and implement all our unique features. Our systematic planning and execution ensures that minute attention is given to every detail – from cleanliness to academics. Branches at Shivane and Fursungi.

Competitive Exam Ready

Training for the competitive exams starts from standard 3 itself with MCQ format along with descriptive exams. Using our own e-Learning platform Walmiki, our students can take tests from home as well as the school, while our teachers analyse the tests and help students get better.


In Walnut school, we have planned a regular and systematic exposure to sports and related activities. There are dedicated spaces for these activities and a limited number of students use these spaces at any given time.

Walnut School

Welcome to Walnut School, Pune’s best group of CBSE schools. Why are we the best? and so much more!
  • Every single day, the students focus on core academics for 55% of the day and a very thoughtful and beneficial variety of activities for the remaining 45%.
  • Parents enjoy seeing their children do amazing things and get great results too WITHOUT getting stressed out with projects, meaningless homework or other random work! They get lots of information about their children quickly, easily and regularly.
Every student enjoys every day in school and improves in every period! They all become tough outside and smart inside – which is our goal for every child! Join the Walnut family today and give your child the edge to shine and take on the world!
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More About Walnut School

Subject-wise Classrooms

Each room is customized per subject. Students learn Science in Science lab, Math in Math lab and Social studies in Social studies room. This keeps the students alert too!

Technology driven education

Technology is at the heart of Walnut. It is used to teach, test and monitor academics. Thus, moving between online and offline teaching was an easy job for us during the pandemic!

Computational Thinking

This is a fundamental skill for everyone, not just for computer scientists. It involves solving problems, designing systematics and understanding human behavior by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science.

Exclusive reading programme

Reading is a steadily diminishing skill. Not for Walnut School students! Our R&D team has designed a superb reading program which doesn't go the traditional A-B-C-D way.


Initially we were worried that our son would not be sincere if he didn’t have a school bag. But it turned out that he is full of energy even when he comes back from school. He is also doing so many other activities like painting and stuff. During exams if we ask him anything from the sheets, he knows everything. So we don’t have to worry anymore! For overall development of the child, Walnut School is the right place!

Nishi and Sandeep Kumar Singla

His children study in Std 3 and Std 8 in Walnut School

Communication with the school is too good. I would rate full marks for communication because every alternate Saturday the meetings that are being held, we are free to come to the school, meeting the individual subject teacher. So if any of them has anything to say they can say personally convey us and vice versa. It thus becomes a 2 way discussion instead of just listening. Due to this children’s weaknesses can be targeted and strengths can be identified.

Prajakta Sonar

Her child studies in Std. 8 (Shifted to Walnut from a conventional school)

Being a doctor I have studied child psychology and I feel moving classrooms works well for the children. Subject wise classrooms help to keep the children’s brain active. Sitting in the same classroom for 5 hours becomes difficult for the kids. As an adult, we also get tired sitting in a particular place for straight one hour. Children really enjoy school because of the subject wise classrooms.

Palak Kulkarni

Her children study in Std. 5 and Std. 7 (Shifted to Walnut from a conventional school)

It almost feels like you guys are running a 6-Sigma kind of organization where everything is planned and there is room for improvement. Being bagless doesn’t mean the children keep bags in the schools. The syllabus has been converted into small packet sizes, which are easy to carry and easy to digest.

Yogendra Joshi

Software Consultant

His children study in Std. 4 and Std. 8 in Walnut School

We both are impressed with the school. The best moment is that on my children’s face when they come back from school just carrying an empty folder and their lunch box. In their earlier school, the kids had really heavy bags it was too much for them at their age and again there was no way out of the problem. In Walnut school, the worksheets pattern are really working out great. Children find this method of learning very interesting too! The overall stress has really reduced. All these things make a big difference!

Gauri Bapat

Her children study in Std. 5 and Std. 8

More About Walnut School

Walnut School at Shivane

Our first school, the beautiful Shivane campus overlooks the river and comprises three buildings – one for kindergarten, one for primary and one for secondary classes. There are all-weather covered and open grounds for multiple sports. The Shivane branch is easily accessible from Kothrud, Karvenagar, Warje, Sinhagad Road, Ambegaon, Kirkatwadi and Kondhwe-Dhawade.

CBSE Affiliation No: 1130884
Babanrao Vithoji Dangat Campus NDA Road, Shivane Pune – 411023

Walnut School at Fursungi

The Fursungi campus is located in the serene surroundings behind the Fursungi bus stop. The campus is spread out over 2.5 acres. The school building is spacious and can accommodate kindergarten, primary and secondary classes. The grounds are huge! It is easily accessible from Magarpatta City, Amanora Township, Bhekrai Nagar, Hadapsar, Solapur Road, Manjri and even Loni-Kalbhor.

CBSE Affiliation No: 1131080
Purva Campus Next to Fursungi Bus Stop, Fursungi Pune – 412308

Walnut School at Wakad
The 1.5 acre Wakad campus is right in the heart of Wakad, near Pink city. It features 5 huge grounds (all-weather+covered). The building for the school has a separate floor for Kindergarten, and spacious subject-wise classrooms for primary and secondary classes. It is easily accessible from Pimple Nilakh, Pimple Gurav, Vishal Nagar, Ravet, Baner, Balewadi, Aundh, Pimple Saudagar, Thergaon, Kalewadi and Hinjewadi.

Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Rd, Next to Pratham Reflections Society, Wakad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411057

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