No School Bag

You read that right. Through systematic and careful planning, students don’t need to carry a school bag to school. Our team members are the pioneers of the “Bagless School” concept.

Holistic Learning

55% core subjects and 45% Walnut Advantage make up a perfect balance of academics and life skills

Daily Sports

Students play planned sports every single day. There is a lot of variety in the sports too.


All our campuses follow the same awesome philosophy and pattern. Visit your nearest branch to find out more. We have branches in Shivane, Fursungi and Wakad.

A school like no other! Pune’s best – without a doubt!

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Even our high school students love to come to school everyday!

Why is that? Because we have
  • A balanced routine everyday with 55% core subjects and 45% activities
  • Interesting subjects that help with academics
  • Very innovative teaching methods
  • Reasonable and sensible homework
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We have a very happy and relaxed parent community too.

Why is that? Because we have
  • Personalized learning to keep improving performance
  • Planned and structured exams conducted regularly
  • Very good communication and lots of information
  • No hassles to do projects, last minute running around
And so much more!
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How can we do all this?

Because we have
  • Educationists running the school. Not businessmen or builders.
  • Amazing content for high quality education
  • A strong technology platform for so many extra features
  • A system driven approach for consistency even through attrition
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Parents love us

Initially we were worried that our son would not be sincere if he didn’t have a school bag. But it turned out that he is full of energy even when he comes back from school. He is also doing so many other activities like painting and stuff. During exams if we ask him anything from the sheets, he knows everything. So we don’t have to worry anymore! For overall development of the child, Walnut School is the right place!

Nishi and Sandeep Kumar Singla

His children study in Std 3 and Std 8 in Walnut School

Communication with the school is too good. I would rate full marks for communication because every alternate Saturday the meetings that are being held, we are free to come to the school, meeting the individual subject teacher. So if any of them has anything to say they can say personally convey us and vice versa. It thus becomes a 2 way discussion instead of just listening. Due to this children’s weaknesses can be targeted and strengths can be identified.

Prajakta Sonar

Her child studies in Std. 8 (Shifted to Walnut from a conventional school)

Being a doctor I have studied child psychology and I feel moving classrooms works well for the children. Subject wise classrooms help to keep the children’s brain active. Sitting in the same classroom for 5 hours becomes difficult for the kids. As an adult, we also get tired sitting in a particular place for straight one hour. Children really enjoy school because of the subject wise classrooms.

Palak Kulkarni

Her children study in Std. 5 and Std. 7 (Shifted to Walnut from a conventional school)

It almost feels like you guys are running a 6-Sigma kind of organization where everything is planned and there is room for improvement. Being bagless doesn’t mean the children keep bags in the schools. The syllabus has been converted into small packet sizes, which are easy to carry and easy to digest.

Yogendra Joshi

Software Consultant

His children study in Std. 4 and Std. 8 in Walnut School

We both are impressed with the school. The best moment is that on my children’s face when they come back from school just carrying an empty folder and their lunch box. In their earlier school, the kids had really heavy bags it was too much for them at their age and again there was no way out of the problem. In Walnut school, the worksheets pattern are really working out great. Children find this method of learning very interesting too! The overall stress has really reduced. All these things make a big difference!

Gauri Bapat

Her children study in Std. 5 and Std. 8



No school bag from Nursery to 10th

Heavy school bag which gets heavier each year

Daily, with all weather facilities

One or two periods a week, mostly cancelled for academics or bad weather

Different ambience and facilities as per subject need, good break, better learning outcomes

Students only step out for sports or science lab. Even recess is usually in the same classroom!

Even high school students like coming to school

Most students find excuses to try to miss school as they go to higher classes

One comfortable uniform with sports shoes for everyday. Wash and wear.

Textile, needs ironing. Different uniform for different activities



Everything communicated in advance. Detailed instructions for smooth operations. Mostly all the parents have to do is show up on time!

Lot of last minute declarations, make it difficult for parents to plan anything. Parents also have to do a lot of work for any event in the school.

System driven approach. Even if staff changes, systems and methods continue in the same way.

When teachers change, students and parents all have to adjust to a new teaching style

Variety of activities to showcase even academic skills and quick thinking in addition to the regular events

Usually only standard events like sports and performing art competitions and gathering performance

Lots of demonstrations for each parent to see the skills the child has picked up over the year

No such concept in other schools. Just competitions where the parents or students prepare themselves



Concept by concept with QA immediately. Revision period after each chapter.

Full lesson taught and then QA at the end. Rushing through portion right up to exams.

Board games, Speaking/ debates, note taking, hands on, language arts, mental math, reading, economics etc.

No such things in other schools. Just regular hobby class activities offered like music, dance

Lots of tests with lots of revision and practice in the school itself

Just two exams a year and burden is all on the students and parents to go figure

With planning and skill development with clever co-curricular subjects, students are a year ahead

Teachers just about manage to hurriedly finish the portion for that year

Ample time for revision and 6 rounds of prelims for board exam preparation

School rushes with the portion, hardly two back to back prelims, students totally rely on tuitions

In secondary, depending on the aptitude in that subject the lesson plan changes for the best learning experience

No such concept in other schools. Everyone has the same lesson plan.

Planned homework across subjects. Always of reasonable difficulty level and quantity. Meaningful.

Every teacher assigns HW independently, students have huge loads at home. No time left over.



School and parents are one team, working towards improving each child

Parents and school are usually at odds and pull in different directions

Detailed planned circulars, multiple opportunities to connect with teachers and administration, easy access through email

Very limited access, no reply to queries, cumbersome methods for meetings, not enough information

Everything at the fingertips CW, HW, lesson plans, sheets, exam papers, results - all on the app

Parents need to form whatsapp groups and keep in touch with others constantly to check if anything is missed out

Everything organized well so parents can enjoy their time and be in and out quickly

Parents have to spend long hours in school when they come for anything

Everything is done in the school and only by students. Parents get to enjoy student progress

Parents have to help with big projects, last minute shopping and a lot of running around

Fee structure till 10th declared. No hidden charges.

Full declaration not done upfront. Lots of hidden charges and payments throughout the year.

More About Walnut School

Subject-wise Classrooms

Each room is customized per subject. Students learn Science in Science lab, Math in Math lab and Social studies in Social studies room. This keeps the students alert too!

Technology driven education

Technology is at the heart of Walnut. It is used to teach, test and monitor academics. Technology also enables streamlined communication, thus making it hassle-free for parents.

Computational Thinking

This is a fundamental skill for everyone, not just for computer scientists. It involves solving problems, designing systematics and understanding human behavior by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science.

Exclusive reading programme

Walnut School students have an advantage - they are superior readers. Our R&D team has designed an innovative reading program which doesn't go the traditional A-B-C-D way.

Walnut School Branches

Walnut School at Shivane

Our first school, the beautiful Shivane campus overlooks the river and comprises three buildings – one for kindergarten, one for primary and one for secondary classes. There are all-weather covered and open grounds for multiple sports. The Shivane branch is easily accessible from Kothrud, Karvenagar, Warje, Sinhagad Road, Ambegaon, Kirkatwadi and Kondhwe-Dhawade.

CBSE Affiliation No: 1130884
Babanrao Vithoji Dangat Campus NDA Road, Shivane Pune – 411023

Walnut School at Fursungi

The Fursungi campus is located in the serene surroundings behind the Fursungi bus stop. The campus is spread out over 2.5 acres. The school building is spacious and can accommodate kindergarten, primary and secondary classes. The grounds are huge! It is near and easily accessible from Magarpatta City, Amanora Township, Bhekrai Nagar, Hadapsar, Solapur Road, Manjri and even Loni-Kalbhor.

CBSE Affiliation No: 1131080
Purva Campus Next to Fursungi Bus Stop, Fursungi Pune – 412308

Walnut School at Wakad
The 1.5 acre Wakad campus is right in the heart of Wakad, near Pink city. It features 5 huge grounds (all-weather+covered). The building for the school has a separate floor for Kindergarten, and spacious subject-wise classrooms for primary and secondary classes. It is easily accessible from Pimple Nilakh, Pimple Gurav, Vishal Nagar, Ravet, Baner, Balewadi, Aundh, Pimple Saudagar, Thergaon, Kalewadi and Hinjewadi.

Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Rd, Next to Pratham Reflections Society, Wakad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411057


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