Hassle free!

Walnut School is hassle free for parents, and of course students too! Read on to see how we make sure that our parents and students enjoy their entire schooling experience with us!


No tedious projects for parents

At Walnut School, parents never have to do projects at home for their children. In all other schools, projects are given as homework that they have to sit up all night and do for their children. Here at Walnut, children do the hands-on activities in the school and all the material for that is made available in the school itself. The students actually do meaningful activities, participate in a variety of events and learn a lot in the process. Parents get to enjoy the results and the displays!

No complicated homework that parents have to figure out

At Walnut School, students get age appropriate and meaningful homework. The time required for it on a daily basis increases slowly with age. From Nursery to Grade 5, homework is not compulsory at all. In fact, kids get rewards and prizes in the form of Walnut Talents for doing it regularly and thoroughly. Even from grade 6 onwards, homework is sensible, does not require parental (or grandparental) involvement. Parents get regular feedback about the quantity and quality of assignments turned in! 

No running around to purchase random things

At Walnut School, the kids do a lot of hands-on activities and the school takes care of the logistics and the material. Parents do not have to go running around to buy things for art and craft or science projects. The kids do these things in the school and the material is provided in the school itself. What do parents do? Parents get to enjoy seeing their kids do all these amazing things!


Feedback and information about the child regularly and easily accessible

How would parents come to know what their child does in school everyday? Very young kids like to tell their parents everything but may not be able to cover all the bases. As kids grow into the tween and teen years, they can share but don’t always want to! Walnut School solves this problem by sending parents numerous updates about different aspects of their child’s routine.

Parents get regular updates about

  • The academics and activities done in the week, through the WalSh app
  • The quantity and quality of homework submitted on a weekly basis, through the WalSh app
  • The results of continuous comprehensive evaluation as well as formal examinations
  • The actual answer books of the students (descriptive as well as objective)
  • Special achievements, class participation, general feedback through personal phone calls (usually once or twice a month)

All of this information comes to every parent automatically – without any special process or requests. In addition to this, there are also face to face meetings with the teacher, typically four times in the year. There are easy communication channels to set up additional meetings/discussions if needed. Our email response time is very good too!

Good guidance and support from the school to remedy weaknesses

Differential learning is an amazing program at Walnut School that helps children improve their academic abilities. In addition to this, the school reaches out to parents of children who aren’t performing to their full potential and offers support in the form of remedial classes on weekends and even offers pedagogical training to the involved parent to further assist the child. The school and the parents work as a team to make sure each child does well. This practice has continued in the online school version as well. 

Everything as per the very meticulous plan!

At Walnut School, planning and punctuality are the baseline of all operations. There are constant checks to make sure that the academic work is on track in the school. So there is no last minute rush to complete the portion. There are enough practice tests so that children (and parents) do not become overwhelmed or nervous before the exams. All the events and activities are properly spaced out and that way we get so much done with ease! 

One stop, one window operation

Parents do not have to keep coming to the school or go to different locations to get the start-of-the-year material together. Walnut School plans things in such a way that everything is available at one time in one place for the convenience of parents – be it uniforms, study material or meeting the bus operator, caterer, etc.

No sudden “fee” shock

All fees and charges are announced at the beginning of the year. The fee plan up to std 10 is shared with the parents right at the beginning. You can find all of this under the branches section of the website. The school is very transparent and sincere in its functioning.

No hidden charges

Walnut School does not keep asking parents to keep paying for participation in school events like the sports day, carnival, etc. over the year. There are no hidden costs that come up as a surprise during the school year.

Always “aware” parent, even when school is online

At Walnut School, parents get updates about what the child was taught, what the assignments were and when they are due. They do not have to go through long videos to figure out what the teacher said and what the teacher wants. Parents also get updates on whether the children are doing the work in a timely manner and on the quantity and quality of work too. All their assignments are checked and parents also get calls from the school regularly to let them know about the class participation and other aspects of the child’s school performance. Online or in-person – the Walnut philosophy of making the child’s school education a pleasant experience for the parents, continues.

Great teaching – online, offline and in-person

Online/Offline school is an option provided by Walnut School where the students do not have to come physically to school. They can take part in live online classes or go for the offline classes at their own convenience on the same day. They still submit assignments, get feedback and take exams, do activities etc. In person schooling is the conventional school method where students physically come to school everyday. 

Whatever format the parents and students choose, there is a very structured approach to teaching that is constantly upgraded with our full time dedicated research and development team. So, teaching is of a high standard at Walnut School. The teaching methodology, even in the online format, is very interactive. Parents don’t have to “teach” the child again after school.


No different uniforms for different days of the week

One comfortable uniform (for boys and girls!) at Walnut School for all the days is a big relaxation for parents as they don’t have to remember specific days for sports uniform, regular uniform or blazers etc.

No daily ironing and uniform management.

The Walnut School uniform does not even have to be ironed everyday. It is a wash and wear material. In fact, it is designed to allow students to stay active all day and suits our tropical weather.

This is one of the many advantages of Walnut School.

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