Committee – Fursungi

The Parent Teacher Association was formed on 24th June 2023.

Executive PTA Members are:

Chairperson Principal Mrs. Prachiti Tajne
Vice-chairperson  Parent Mrs. Swapna Sutar
Secretary Teacher Mrs. Harshada Shinde
Joint Secretary Parent Mrs. Prajakta Bambawala
Joint Secretary Teacher Mrs. Supriya Khot
Management Member Management Mrs. Mrudula Modak

Members :

Class Teacher Name Parent Name Email ID
Std. 1 Mrs. Ipsita Mohanty Mrs. Sautai Yadav [email protected]
Std. 2 Mrs. Shashikala Bhandwalkar Mr. Vishnu Kharabe [email protected]
Std. 3 Mrs. Ashwini Deore Mr. V Ravindra [email protected]
Mrs. Priya Kulkarni [email protected]
Std. 4 Mrs. Archana Hole Mr. Jeevan Phate [email protected]
Mr. Tapas Barik [email protected]
Std. 5 Mrs. Suhasini Kulkarni Mr. Rajesh Khedkar [email protected]
Mrs. Chetana Thakare [email protected]
Std. 6 Mrs. Supriya Khot Mr. Ganesh Kolape [email protected]
Std. 7 Mrs. Smita Gore Mr. Sameer Harpale [email protected]
Std. 8 Mrs. Aparna Sawant Mrs. Prajakata Bambawale [email protected] 
Std. 9 Mrs. Naziya Sayyed Mrs. Pallavi Naik [email protected] 
Std. 10 Mrs. Harshada Shinde Mrs. Swapna Sutar [email protected] 


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