Try our learning system


Try our learning system

Walmiki, an integrated part of Arpita Karkarey’s Walnut Learning System, is an online platform that assists students to make sure understanding is easy. Developed in-house, this app is tailor-made to suit the academic needs of all Walnut school students. The e-learning platform makes learning interactive, engaging and comprehensive.

Based on the CBSE Syllabus from Kindergarten to 10th, it offers features such as innovative learning videos and quizzes created by our very own R&D team which is made up of subject experts headed by Dr. Arpita Karkare herself.

The chapter-based videos help students grasp the complex concepts at their own pace and are designed to make learning as real and easy as possible. Students can access per class, per subject, per chapter-based lectures to reinforce their learning. These videos can be viewed repeatedly and serve as a valuable tool for revision and reinforcement of concepts.

To help students gauge their understanding of the subjects they’re studying, ‘Test Bytes’ are included at the end of each chapter. These MCQ based quizzes offer students a chance to test their knowledge of the topic and identify areas for improvement. Automatically enabled at the end of each chapter, these tests are assigned as ‘homework’ and are linked to the student’s formative assessment. The results carry weightage in their academic results and are also saved to monitor their progress over time.

The Walmiki app also contains a HUGE question bank with high-quality questions, which is used to generate practice quizzes for the students to solve. These practice quizzes or ‘Practice Tests’ consist of randomly generated questions based on varying difficulty levels. Students can attempt an unlimited number of practice tests from home as part of their self-study. The more quizzes our students take, the smarter they become!

Solving these quizzes on a regular basis takes away the “fear” of examinations, and gently pushes our students to study regularly, a habit which helps tremendously in later years. Parents get daily reports and can replay the entire quiz the child has taken so they can see their child’s progress – so parents are always aware of how their child is doing

Flashcards are also a part of the Walmiki app. Created for higher classes, these are flip cards with questions and answers on them. As the chapters become progressively difficult, many parents may find it challenging to create and ask topic-based questions. At such times, the flashcards can come in very handy! Parents can ask questions and access the answers on the app itself. These flashcards help make chapter revisions a breeze!  

In addition to all these, the app also contains practice quizzes for the Std. 5 and Std. 8 Maharashtra State Scholarship examination too. These MCQ based practice tests as well as many full-length tests (OMR sheets and all!) help Walnut students prepare for the exam and have helped us create many merit holders too!

Walnut school ensures an hassle free experience for students as well as parents.