Parent Testimonials

What parents say

At Walnut School, we are a closely knit family, where we interact with parents very often. It is during these interactions, where parents express what they feel about the progress seen in their children, the Walnut School team, and the overall experience with the whole learning system. Here are a few of those expressions, from our dear parents of the Walnut Family!

Learning system

We Love How The Curriculum Is Designed In Digestible Chunks For These Young Ones, And Have Noticed A Positive Change In Our Child.

Jaideep Uchil

Parent Of Hridhyansh – Junior Kg

Fantastic School and Very well Planned Academics. My kids have a deeper and better understanding of every subject.

Prashant Deshmukh

Parent of Aaradhya & Pratyusha – Std. 5 & Senior Kg

Walnut is the best school in our area. We’ve seen the improvement in our son. We find that he is two steps ahead of other school kids.

Sahil & Sanika Ghule

Parents of Satyajeet – Junior KG

Walnut school focuses not only on academics but overall development of the children. Systematically planned and carried out curriculum.

Meghana Joshi

Parent of Anushka – Std. 9

This is the very first experience of school for our daughter, and we had never imagined it to be so delightful.

Harshada Shirke

Parent of Anaya – Nursery

Walnut School’s curriculum allows no scope for students to get bored or feel burdened while studying.

Samir and Madhuri Patil

Parents of Abheer – Junior KG

Parent Communication

The School Keeps Parents In The Loop, And We Are Frequently Informed Of Our Child’s Academic Progress.

Sushil & Jyoti Kudale

Parent Of Arjun – Senior Kg

The effort taken by the school to arrange online PTMs is commendable. It is a hassle-free way to interact with our child’s teacher!

Abhijit & Vedavati Limaye

Parents of Arshiya – Std. 5


Reading Classes have been super effective, with the teachers determination and patience for children’s progression

Samir and Madhuri Patil

Parents of Abheer – Junior KG

Best school with unique e learning system and daily sports. No bag school. My daughter is enjoying lot with different activities.

Rakesh Shinde

Parent of Sarvada – Std. 3

“Young Author award”, is a very good initiative by Walnut school. It will motivate students to involve more in self reading, writing and imaging the things in beautiful ways.

Shishir Pandey

Parent of Aarna – Std. 3


Thank you for arranging a wonderful slumber party. My son enjoyed a lot. These are going to be the best memories that the children will have throughout their lives.

Ashirwad Kulkarni

Parent of Srivibhavan – Std. 6

Great combination of extra curricular activities and studies. Events like the fun fair, sports day, and carnival are extraordinarily arranged and uniquely performed.

Prashant Deshmukh

Parent of Aaradhya & Pratyusha – Std. 5 & Senior Kg

The carnival was fantabulous!! No words to explain. The planning of the entire team was superb. We as parents are so happy that Girishant is enjoying his school at Walnut!!

Mrudula Sathe

Parent of Girishant – Sr. KG


Special thanks to the supportive teachers who are just as invested in our child as we are.

Jaideep Uchil

Parent Of Hridhyansh – Junior Kg

Teachers give every child a chance to speak and we are delighted that every single one’s voice is literally heard

Sheetal Phanshikar

Parent of Rudra – Junior KG

Hassle free

We especially admire the fact that Walnut School consider parents’ routines and allows for that flexibility too.

Dhanashri Sadavarte

Parent of Shriya – Junior KG

School Uniform

Walnut is the best school in my area, we absolutely love their uniform which consists of track pant and T-shirt. I’ve seen the improvement in my son. I find my son two steps ahead of other school kids.

Sahil Ghule

Parent of Satyajeet – Jr. KG

Walnut Alumni

As a student it is absolutely fabulous to be a part of the Walnut family. Everyone from teachers to principal and even Arpita ma’am is super supportive. 10th standard preparation is 10/10, scored 96% with their guidance. Will always be grateful to Walnut School.

Samiha Kulkarni

Walnut Alumni

I am very proud to be a part of this school as it was more like a family to me. The best thing about this school is it is bagless!!! And with studies the school takes care of our fitness as there was a daily compulsory sports period. My mentors from this school is the reason for my development .

Soham Kulkarni

Walnut Alumni

I have spent 5 great foundation years in this school. Walnut school has always been famous for it’s “bagless school” concept and providing the best in academics to its students. Getting a sports period everyday is a cherry on top. I must say that those foundation years have proved to be the the most important part of my life in making me the person I am today.

Shlok Borade

Walnut Alumni