CBSE students have to answer five papers in the board exam. These are the ones that we call “CORE SUBJECTS”. We have a wonderful approach for each of these subjects with a lot of supporting activities to help them in their performance.


English is very important as it is not just a subject. It is the first language and it is also the medium of instruction. If students are weak in English, it affects their performance everywhere! At Walnut, we give extra attention to English, as it is not our mother tongue. We have a brilliant approach to how we teach students to express themselves through speech, writing as well as thinking proficiently in English.

Second Language

Our students practice all the skills required to score full marks in the second language which is Marathi. This is again possible due to systematic and interesting assignments and worksheets. The reason why we have Marathi as a second language is mentioned in the link below.


An essential subject in all aspects of life, at Walnut, Mathematics is taken to the next level. Mathematics involves constant problem-solving, and at Walnut, teachers give students time to solve problems themselves and present the solution later, so they can learn from their mistakes and improve problem-solving skills. This approach differs from the typical method of just copying down solutions from the board.


It is important for every student to develop a scientific mindset. To remain curious, get hands-on exposure to a variety of concepts, and be able to apply it correctly is extremely important. At Walnut, we don’t just talk – we act. Through multiple activities, correct sequencing and simplified content, we are able to get students excited about Science – and that is exactly what we want, right?

Social Studies

Social studies is a subject that most students have a problem about and the only memories that even we as adults have are rote learning, long answers and incredibly long and boring lessons. But at Walnut School, it is not so. Why?


CBSE has a two language pattern except for three years in middle school. That is when CBSE requires all affiliated schools to have a three language pattern and the third language is Hindi. At Walnut this is done in classes 5, 6 and 7. The third language i.e Hindi is dropped when students go to high school. In Std 9 and 10, CBSE has a two language pattern – so only the first and second language continue ahead.

For Hindi, we take a very practical approach and largely focus on their communication skills. Students enjoy the class and get a good feel of the language. They do not get burdened and do not spend time doing random assignments and lessons. The exams are also quite straightforward and are easily handled by the students.