Sports are a daily activity at Walnut School. Just like we have an English period everyday, there is a sports period everyday in the timetable. It’s that important.

We have sports facilities that can be used in all kinds of weather. If it’s raining or too sunny, the sports period is never missed. You will find a lot of infrastructure and area dedicated to sports in any Walnut School.

Why do our students need to have daily sports?

  • Obvious benefits for health and wellness.
  • Taking quick decisions in a dynamic setting.
  • It develops good habits for life!
  • Once you know how to play a sport, even as a spectator you enjoy it more.


  • Students get to understand and experience what ‘playing fair’ actually means
  • Students understand that perseverance is key to getting good outcomes
  • Students take risks and see the outcomes of those as well
  • Overcoming failure, recovering from setbacks and keeping up the fight

Personality development:

  • Students learn to lead and how to accept a leadership role
  • They learn how to be graceful winners
  • They understand how to take losses in their stride, and get better
  • They learn to respect competition


There is no separate uniform for sports, as sports is a daily activity. The uniform that the students wear everyday is a comfortable one for them to play in. We also have demonstrations for the parents to see the different skills that their children have learnt and even see them compete against each other – both individually in athletic races and through their house groups in the Walnut Sports Leagues on Electric Saturdays. It’s super fun with a stadium atmosphere!

Daily Sports is an exclusive feature at Walnut School, something that we take extreme pride in. At our school, sports is given equal importance as any other core academic subject. Parents get to see how this positively impacts our students’ physical and mental health, discipline, and overall well-being.




Students get to show off their skills often

SKILLS DEMO : KG to Std. 5
This is an opportunity for the students to show their parents the different skills that they have learnt for the sports and the level of fitness that they have achieved. They demonstrate different kinds of throws, positions, asanas, balancing acts etc. for an audience of parents and well wishers.

Students additionally participate in team games and play for their houses. The knockouts and finals happen in a total stadium environment with cheering from housemates and parents as well. These are high energy Electric Saturdays!
Students and parents love these because they are a great chance to

  • Learn important life skills : Working toward a common goal as a team, dealing with wins and losses, developing leadership skills are all life skills that are inculcated through sports. These not only help our students have a balanced attitude toward life, but also go a long way toward making them sensible and ‘grounded’ individuals in the later walks of life.
  • Handle pressure in a safe environment : Every student gets a sports report card, but this is a chance to actually show others and for students to see for themselves how they fare in a real sports match, with spectators, timers, referees and rules! It’s also a chance for each parent to come and see their child take part in a real, live sports event. Parents, grandparents etc. come to cheer the teams – with their whistles, banners, slogans – which brings in a sense of cheer and inclusion to the event 🙂

All students take part in individual races. From Std. 3 onwards, these wins add up to house points as well. Parents get to cheer and witness the eliminations as well as the finals for all these races.

Our teams have been doing quite well in interschool competitions as well.

Some students also pursue sports intensely independently. As the academics and homework are streamlined, this becomes easier to do at Walnut. Here are some of the successes.

2023 : Football : U12 : Boys : Fursungi
2023 : Football : U17 : Boys : Fursungi 
2023 : Football : U17 : Girls : Fursungi 
2023 : Football : U17 : Boys : Shivane
2023 : Football : U14 : Boys : Shivane

We have a whole variety of sports that the students are exposed to over the years.

Planned learning ensures that no activity period ever gets hijacked for any reason other than the planned activity!