Daily Sports

Sports have obvious benefits for health and wellness. But they also have a great influence on personality and mindset. Students learn how to lead and how to accept a leadership role. They learn how to be dignified in their success and not be a sore loser. They get to understand and experience what ‘playing fair’ actually means. Even if they have a fight on the field, they learn how to quickly get over it and be friends again.

For this reason, the sports period is as important as a Math or an English or a Science period

Hence, it is seen every day in the timetable. To ensure daily sports do not get cancelled for bad weather, we have put up an all weather cover for some of our sports areas. The students get exposure over the years to games like Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Throwball, Skating, Yoga, Fitness, Aerobics and Carom. Things on the sports ground are very dynamic. Students learn to evaluate the situation and make quick decisions. They take risks and see the outcomes of those quickly as well. This provides a good outlet for the energy and once you know how to play a sport, even as a spectator you enjoy it more. It develops good qualities and habits for life! This is one of the many advantages of Walnut School.

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