All-round development

All-round development refers to the process of developing a student in multiple aspects, such as physical, intellectual, emotional, and social.

This type of development aims to help students become well-rounded and able to function effectively in all aspects of their life. It encompasses a holistic approach to personal growth and self-improvement, which can include education, physical activity, and personality development activities.

How does Walnut School bring about all-round development?

  • Daily Sports gives students a daily dose of physical activity
  • Subject wise classrooms help students assimilate what has been taught, and be refreshed when they walk between classrooms
  • Participation in events we insist that every student participates in every event that we organize – and those are A LOT of events. Over multiple years at Walnut, these events help build perspective, stage confidence, and give students a varied experience
  • A fantastic culture – starting with Dr. Arpita Karkarey, the management is very hands-on and friendly. We are serious about the work we do as a team, and that culture gets instilled in every student. You can feel that culture difference when you walk into any of our campuses.

The diversity of the curriculum, learning system, sports, events all work hand in hand to create well-rounded personalities. Our parents are quick to chip in. They say “In my child’s group of friends in the society, we can easily make out who students of Walnut School are! They are just very ‘knowledgeable’ and always ready to participate.”

A single comfortable and attractive uniform makes all school activities as well as the sports period easy.