This is a very special subject and Walnut is the ONLY place where you get to do this!
Std 1 : 3 dedicated classes / week
Std 2 : 2 dedicated classes / week


Students start writing sentences on their own by the end of Sr KG. As they go through Std 1 and 2, most of their academic answers continue to be of that length. However, when they go to Std 3 they have to write slightly longer answers. So they have to string together a couple of sentences in a logical flow. Well, they need to be systematically taught how to put their thoughts into words. This is done through the Language Arts class.

In this class, the students work on putting their thoughts properly in words so that the reader understands them. They do this all by learning how to write a story of their own. So they kind of become authors too!

Through the program, they learn about the different elements of a story, such as creating characters and plots and adding details to make their stories engaging and exciting.
They work on developing their own stories, with the support and guidance of our faculty. By the end of the academic year, parents have the pleasure of reading an original story written by their child.



Developing this skill has amazing benefits. It trains them on how to put their thoughts into words. Then they can write the longer answers in their own words when they know the points – whatever subject it is. They do not need to rote learn or go for tuitions for this reason! This greatly reduces the stress of learning, doing homework and studying for exams.

From Std 3 onwards, you do not see a separate class for this in the timetable as it gets integrated into their regular work. Students have creative writing and personal response questions where they have to create original content and present it in many different formats. So they keep applying the skills they have acquired and go on polishing them as they move along the standards.

As you can see, students get to explore their creative potential while mastering the basics of the English language. At Walnut School, we strive to provide our students with an all-encompassing education that prepares them for a successful future. Our language arts activity is just one of the many ways we achieve this goal.


Std 1 and 2 students present their stories to their parents at the end of the academic year in a special book handover event on Electric Saturdays.