We need to give extra attention to English as a subject, right from the beginning. At Walnut, we do this right from Nursery. This is done through a variety of activities. We have a very well thought out journey in English as our students move ahead through the years.

They have an English period on all 5 days of the week. They read a lot of short stories, poems and dialogues which go beyond the NCERT textbooks. They start doing personal response questions in Std. 1 and slowly  level up as they go along. We also have certain periods in the curriculum set aside for activities that improve listening skills. Students are encouraged to think in English and express their thoughts too.

There are revision periods after every lesson and a short multiple choice test too, which we call Test Bytes. When the Std. 10 curriculum starts, there are also short descriptive tests after each lesson, which we call Try-a-Test. This supports students in sticking to their study routines and facing exams confidently.


Nursery, Jr KG, Sr KG

  • One class each of READ, LEARN and WRITE on a daily basis
  • All three work hand in hand to develop English vocabulary, reading and writing skills.
  • In addition, there is a SPEAK class once a week, where they practice spoken English – they listen, understand, process and react – quickly one after another.
  • All this together increases English proficiency in all verticals – listen, speak, read, write (LSRW) which are the foundational skills of any language – and helps students get ready for higher level academics of the years ahead.

These students have English periods each day of the week. In addition to that, these are the co-curriculars that support English language development

READ : This is a game changer! You need to visit us to see it in action!

LANGUAGE ARTS : A creative writing class 2 or 3 times a week. What super work they do! 

SPEAKING / DEBATES : Once a week. They sure get smart with this one! 

These students have an English period each day of the week. In addition to that these are the co-curriculars that support English language development

READ : A reading class 2 times a week. This gets them prepared for all subjects. 

SPEAKING / DEBATES : Once a week. Oh, the arguments that they even take up at home 🙂

These students have an English period each day of the week. In addition, there are these co-curriculars that support English language development:

SPEAKING / DEBATES : Once a week. They really get to fine tune their presentation skills. 

Novels are used as textbooks for the last unit, each year from Std. 4 to 7. That makes the classwork and home assignments really meaningful and interesting. There is a better story build up and also more scope for creative assignments! This activity is also aimed to develop a love for reading and nudge their imagination skills.

This program helps them learn how to read a story or a long text, organize their thoughts and build on the characters and situations in their head. It also gives scope for a lot more discussion and writing activities. This helps them sharpen their skills for higher classes. The novels that we use are part of a series, so if they develop an interest in it, they can explore the rest of the series as well

Here are the novels that they study. What fun!

Std 4 : Diary of Wimpy Kid : Cabin Fever
Std 5 : Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great
Std 6 : Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Std 7 : Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Novel activities
2019 Harry Potter 2019 General 2019