Walnut School believes that exams are important. Students should not fear them, but get used to them. And that is why we invest a lot of time and effort to help students understand how to handle them and do well in them. Walnut School emphasizes sensible exams that test critical thinking, processing, and expression.

  • To help our students do well in exams, we make them take lots of exams – there are four formal exams each year, one at the end of each quarter.
  • A week before the exams we have practice tests, to give students support and time to change their mindset from learning mode to testing mode.
  • We also have formative assessments throughout the quarter. After each chapter in each subject, there is a multiple choice quiz called Test Bytes. These happen through our Walmiki app, at home.
  • As students go to high school, they have additional descriptive formative assessments too, called Try a Test. These happen after each chapter. There is a revision class and then students take this test.
  • Students have access to unlimited practice quizzes for multiple choice questions before attempting the actual test.

Due to all this planning and scheduling, students are then comfortable with the idea of exams. Exams do not trigger stress. They get enough opportunities to improve and strengthen their knowledge and learn the exam writing techniques. The amount of effort we take for our students yields rich results!

Take a look at how many exams Walnut students attempt over the year. Test bytes are conducted after each lesson on the computer. They are Multiple Choice Questions.
Practice tests and Unit Tests are conducted at the end of each quarter. They have the entire curriculum of the quarter.
Try-a-tests are conducted after each lesson. They are descriptive questions.

Std Test bytes Try a test Practice Tests Unit Tests Unit Test Marks
1 60 24 (school) + 12 (home) 12 15
2 60 24 (school) + 12 (home) 12 15
3 80 32 (school) + 16 (home) 16 20
4 80 32 (school) + 16 (home) 16 30
5 80 32 (school) + 16 (home) 16 30
6 96 20 (school) + 20 (home) 20 40
7 96 12 20 (school) + 20 (home) 20 50
8 80 60 20 (school) + 20 (home) 20 60
9 72 60 24 24 80
10 30 12 12 + 36 prelims* 80


Std 10 does 6 rounds of prelims : So 36 papers there!

At Walnut School, we’re all about providing a smooth and stress-free schooling experience for our amazing students and awesome parents too!

  • Come to know of their strengths and weaknesses before the exam and have time to improve
  • Get enough time to prepare for the exam and give their best performance
  • Know that their ward will get practice tests and time and material to prepare for the examination
  • Do not have to stress out as all the material is given by the school and a lot of revision happens in the school itself
  • Get time with the students to help them get into exam mode
  • Students concepts get further strengthened as they have time to work on their weaknesses after they are pointed out
  • Leads to better results overall as the base becomes strong