How it works


Students go to the subject-wise classroom with their folder


All material they need is available there for them to use


Do their work, hand it in, teachers check and hand it back


Material taken home in folder and filed to form the notebook


Parents get a digital copy of everything on the Wal-Sh app

The School without a bag

Walnut Students do not use a school bag from Nursery all the way up to Std. 10.

  • Walnut’s leaders have been doing this since 2000
  • Our Std 10 CBSE results are amazing, much better than other schools
  • Walnut students are actually academically quite ahead of other schools.
  • Walnut students attempt 6 times more tests than other schools.

So how does all this happen without carrying a school bag?

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In-depth planning 🙂

Let’s break down the components in a school bag.
  • Textbooks : School copy is in the classroom and the student copy is at home. So we do not need the students to carry this back and forth.
  • Classwork : Worksheets in every period for the students with a lot of writing. These have to travel between home and school. Can be done with a small folder.
  • Homework : Students carry sheets home through a small folder. They finish the homework and bring them back to school for checking. They take the corrected sheets home again.
  • Notebook : As sheets are arranged in files for each subject, the notebook forms at home
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A superbly planned learning system connects teaching, writing, testing and feedback.

Every period, subject and class is well-planned, well-taught and well-evaluated. Our teachers teach with well-defined, updated and engaging content. Our students write on attractive and easy-to-use worksheets.Teachers have quick turn around time to give students feedback.

  • No physical stress. It’s crazy how heavy school bags are getting these days and it’s scary to think of the problems that develop as an adult later because of this issue.
  • No mental stress of packing a bag each day.
  • Get to see all material and CW and HW, through daily updates.
  • Students show remarkable improvement and excellent results.
  • No hassles of going and buying random things for activities, everything provided in school.
  • Students don’t block the aisle as there are no bags. The teacher can reach the last bench as easily as the first bench!
  • Micro-remedial action as teacher is observing everyone.
  • Students perform better.
  • Easier to correct material and faster turnaround times