Doing well requires much more than rote learning. As COVID-19 has shown us, it is not just survival of the fittest – you also need to be fast. You need to be able to adapt quickly, assess the situation, take a decision and move ahead. With the multitude of activities that we invest time in, these skills develop well at an early age. 

Hands On

Walnut students learn and understand new concepts through classroom learning as well as through practical hands-on activities. They have a dedicated period for these activities that involve math and science experiments and are designed in such a way that the students are introduced to new concepts in a fun and stress free setting. Click here to read more about the hand-on activity period at Walnut school.

Information transfer

Analyzing and processing information is an essential skill for children, but it is often neglected in formal education. This classroom teaches students how to make sense of information, distinguish important points and convert data into useful visual aids. Click here to read more.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a vital skill for achieving goals, requiring skills like quick thinking, risk-taking, and teamwork. Walnut School prioritizes this skill by dedicating a specific period for strategic thinking activities, like playing specially-created board games, puzzles, and card games. These activities are integrated into the curriculum to help students develop this crucial skill.How does this work? Click here to find out.

Economics and Financial literacy

Walnut School offers a unique approach to education that prepares students for the real world. Financial literacy is a crucial aspect of being a responsible and independent adult, which is why Walnut starts teaching economics and financial concepts as early as Std. 3 and 4.Want to know more? Click here.

General knowledge

Walnut School offers its students a comprehensive education with a strong emphasis on general knowledge skills, in addition to traditional academic subjects. The school’s dedicated subject covers everyday objects and complex topics to help students develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Through this subject, students gain the knowledge and tools necessary to become informed and engaged members of society.Find out more here.


At Walnut School, special periods are dedicated to reading in the timetable all the way up to Std. 4. This helps in developing the reading skills of the children in the early years, minimizing the need for tuition classes for English reading and understanding as they grow older. Our Sr KG kids read almost at Std 2 level. Click here to read more about our reading program.


We at Walnut believe that developing good communication skills is an important life skill, and our students get a good head start through our dedicated Speaking Class. This class helps our students build essential communication skills by challenging them to think fast and express themselves fluently in English. To know more about the activities that take place in this class, click here.

Computational Thinking

We also teach computational thinking here – which are the foundational skills of computer science. We teach concepts such as discrete modelling, algorithms and programming. Whether the kids pursue this field when they grow up or not but they definitely need this way of thinking for anything they do later! Click here to know more.

Mental Maths

To help children get comfortable with Math, we start with Mental Math right from Sr KG and there are special periods for it in the timetable of Std. 1 and 2 as well. Our Std 2 students are able to understand and break down most of the problems of Std 4 students, due to the learnings in the Mental Math class.

Langauge Arts

This is a special subject to help further develop English skills for Std 1 and Std. 2. In Language Arts the students create original works – just like an artist – but by using just their skills in the English language. They develop their own story and at the end of the year, parents have a published book to read that their child has written. You can read more about this here.

This is one of the many advantages of Walnut School.

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