Keep the following documents ready with you in digital format:

  • PDF of the birth certificate (Nur., Jr. KG, Sr. KG) / PDF of the leaving certificate, if available (for Std. 1 to 10)
  • PDF of the Aadhaar Card (compulsory) (In case of no Aadhar card, talk to our team member)
  • Latest digital photo of your child

If you are a single parent, please talk to the Walnut team, as we will require additional documents.

You can complete the admission procedure without coming to school too – it is that simple and convenient!
The whole procedure may take around 60 minutes (depending on the time taken to fill the online admission form in Step 5)

# Steps Done by Approx time
1 Connect to the Walnut Student Wifi using the following QR code (if you are in school) Parent 30 sec
2 If in school, scan the new admission QR code (ignore if done already or online). If online, continue to step 3. Parent 30 sec
3 Please inform our team member that you would like to enroll your child (if you are not in school, inform us via a WhatsApp message) Parent 01 – 05 min (depending on crowd)
4 Our team member will now do a few checks and then will send you a unique admission form link on your registered email and on WhatsApp (the number from which you initiated the above conversation) School  06 min
School 01 min

Please fill the admission form carefully. Note the points below:

Parent 15 – 30 min
a) Please mention in the admission form if anyone has referred you to Walnut. We have special appreciation gifts for them 🙂

Parent 01 min
b) Attach the necessary documents at the end (mentioned in the list at the start). Parent 02 min
c) Click on Save. Parent 10 sec
d) If you want to update some information, click on the “Edit Response” button. Optional
6 Inform our team member after you are done with your submission (if online, over WhatsApp) Parent 01 – 05 min (depending on crowd)
7 Our team member will now do a few more checks, inform you of batch timings, and submit your application to be processed further School 05 – 07 min
8 You will get a welcome email from the school. It has important information in it. Please save it for later reference. School 01 min

You will also get a link to pay the deposit (and fee, if applicable at that point in time) over email

School 02 min
a) If you want more installments, please talk to the Walnut team. This will take additional time, as it requires authorisations. Optional
b) If you wish, you can also subscribe to a financing agency. For that, you can talk to a Walnut team member. Optional
10 That’s it! Welcome to the Walnut Family! We hope to have a fruitful journey with your child and you. Woohoo!

Admission Form