So, we are a school with no school bag. Some people wonder what this means for our students – does it mean they have no writing or homework? Do they not study?

On the contrary, our students excel in terms of writing, reading, understanding, and knowledge. This is because we have created an environment that encourages independent thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

We have designed timed as well as age-appropriate homework that is gradually increased in complexity as students progress through their academic journey. Our students can complete their homework independently, without relying on their parents or guardians to figure it out for them.

This allows our students to develop critical thinking skills, improve their understanding of the material, and build confidence in their own abilities. Our homework is meaningful and engaging, so you will not find our students mindlessly copying information from their books over and over again.

We encourage our students to explore the material in depth and apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios.

Our students are far ahead of their peers, and we are proud of the success they have achieved in their academic journey.

With interesting subject, novels and Walnut talents, learning is always fun at Walnut school!