What is homework for?

  • To help students revise what was done in the class
  • Develop the habit of self study

What is homework NOT for?
Make parents sit up and do projects, take notes, frantically figure out things through calls and Whatsapp group chats after a long, hectic day of their own.


What does Walnut School do?

  • Walnut School, having a logical and sensible team, starts formal homework from Std. 3 because that is where students can complete their homework independently, without relying on their parents or guardians to figure it out for them.
  • The homework for each period is pre-planned to ensure only sensible assignments are given, and the workload is age-appropriate. This allows our students to develop critical thinking skills, improve their understanding of the material, and build confidence in their own abilities.
  • Our homework is meaningful and engaging, so you will not find our students mindlessly copying information from their books over and over again.
  • We have designed timed as well as age-appropriate homework that is gradually increased in complexity as students progress through their academic journey.
Standard 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 onwards
Approx minutes of HW/day 30 40 50 60 70 80 😈

KG to Std 2 students do not have any formal homework. We have extra practice questions on the sheets that are sent home. Students and parents who wish to, can go ahead and solve those. It does not have to be sent back to school. It is not compulsory at all.

  • Do meaningful work that helps with understanding and exam preparation
  • As all time is not taken up by HW, can pursue additional interests too
  • Do not sit up to finish projects for the kids and wonder why school has to be so stressful.
  • No late night useless projects which are mostly art and craft.
  • Get info about CW and HW daily on the app directly. Walnut’s app is actually useful.
  • Quality time with the kids. Time and energy left to pursue extra interests
  • It takes a lot of work to look at this beforehand.
  • Assigning random HW is easy for teachers, hard on the families.
  • We take that load on as management and plan a lot to make sure it remains doable and relevant for everyone

What can be done with all the extra time that is now available?

  • Kids and parents have time to pursue other interests
  • Quality time to spend with family at home, no late night useless projects which are mostly art and craft
  • Play board games, or do some activities
  • Work on family bonding thereby focusing on mental health
  • Development of additional skills which complement the personality
  • Build a portfolio for higher education
  • Get an opportunity to be the “well rounded individual”!
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With interesting subjects, novels and Walnut talents, learning is always fun at Walnut school!