Walnut students have an exceptional advantage when it comes to learning new concepts. This is due to the school’s belief in providing a comprehensive education that includes both classroom learning and practical, hands-on activities. Through this approach, students not only acquire essential real-life skills, but they also understand complex concepts in a stress-free environment, ensuring better retention of the subject matter.

At Walnut, the hands-on activities are meticulously designed to introduce students to new concepts in a fun and engaging way. The school has a dedicated period for hands-on activities that involve math and science experiments. These activities help students test theories and gain a better understanding of the concepts.


The dynamic environment of the hands-on activity room challenges students to think quickly and creatively enhancing their confidence and proficiency in comprehending complex concepts. Additionally, the visual nature of the math activities helps students to visualize and understand the theories taught in class better.

Hands-on activities provide an advantage to Walnut students by developing logical thinking and curiosity. This unique skill set sets Walnut students apart from the rest and equips them for real-life challenges.

These hands-on activities are a fun and engaging approach to learning that ensures students understand concepts while having fun. This approach, coupled with the school’s all-round education, produces well-rounded individuals that are tough outside and smart inside.