Committee – Shivane

The Parent Teacher Association was formed on 24th June 2023.

Executive PTA Members are:

Chairperson Principal Ms. Rajashree Vyenkatesh
Vice-Chairperson Parent Ms. Rinku Vartak
Secretary Teacher Ms. Amruta Deshmukh
Joint Secretary Teacher Ms. Amruta Dashputre
Parent Mr. Avdhoot Thete
Member Management Ms. Shivani Kanetkar


Members :

Std. Teacher Name Parent Name Parent Email ID
1 Ms. Priti P Ms. Jyoti Ingale [email protected]
Ms. Tejaswini Bodas [email protected]
2 Ms. Minal Tapkir Ms. Bhavana Godbole [email protected]
Mr. Ravindra Kavitake [email protected]
3 Ms. Deepa Rakesh Ms. Samruddhi Varadkar [email protected]
Ms. Pratima Nadargi [email protected]
4 Ms. Sampada Paranjape Mr. Prakash Jadhav [email protected]
5 Ms. Rajashree D Mr. Manish Gokhale [email protected]
6 Ms. Dolly Kumari Mr. Avdhoot Thete [email protected]
7 Mr. Nitin Mate Ms. Rinku Vartak [email protected]
8 Ms. Pallavi Prakash Mr. Sandeep Bhoyar [email protected]
9 Ms. Amruta Deshmukh Mr. Natun Thakur [email protected]
10 Ms. Amruta Dashputre Mr. Pradeep Mohol [email protected]

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CBSE Affiliation No: 1130884 Babanrao Vithoji Dangat Campus NDA Road, Shivane Pune – 411023

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