Science approach

In science, the approach to the concept is very important. Being able to see it, do it and understand it is the approach in the lower classes. It has to be practical for the students to be able to connect and build on their fundamentals. As the students grow older, science has a combination of practical science, theory and abstract science too. Presenting the concepts properly through the blended learning style greatly helps the students deal with this subject. We have also sequenced the lessons and concepts carefully to help the students build on their earlier knowledge. We also have many thought provoking questions to help the students analyze their knowledge and understand it better.
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Science starts from Nursery

In Walnut, Science starts from Nursery itself with simplified concepts from Physics, Chemistry and Biology in equal measure. Exposure to science from such a young age gives the students more reading material and it helps to increase their understanding and vocabulary as well.

Students in higher classes also get some kits from school for additional readings for simpler experiments at home. There are revision periods after every lesson and a short multiple choice test too, which we call Test Bytes. When the Std. 10 curriculum starts, there are also short descriptive tests after each lesson, which we call Try-a-Test. All this keeps students in the habit of regular studying and reduces exam stress!

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Nursery, Jr KG, Sr KG

The students have one class each of LEARN on a daily basis. This is where they learn concepts in science and get introduced to the related vocabulary. They also have a HANDS ON class once a week. Here, they do different science experiments related to the lessons they are learning in their theory classes. They also showcase this to their parents in a STEM demonstration. 

In addition to the regular science theory classes, these activities support the subject too.

SCIENCE LAB : Once a week. Trying out experiments to check the concepts that they learn in theory

INFORMATION TRANSFER : Once a week. Techniques of going through large chunks of information and taking notes and making mind maps.

STEM demonstration : Std 1 to 4 – once a year. A presentation to parents.

STEM A-FAIR : Std 5 to 10 – once a year. A science project competition with a presentation to a large crowd of parents and students.