Walmiki App

This is the e-learning app made for Walnut students. It’s not to be taken lightly! Quizzes which our students take are linked to their results 🙂 This means they have to be regular in using this app.


  • Never miss a day of school! Or revise!
  • High quality lectures
  • Per class, per subject, per chapter based lectures help reinforce concepts


  • Different types of quizzes:
    • Practice quizzes:
      • Huge question bank
      • Randomly generated questions based on difficulty levels
      • Per class, per subject, per period questions
      • The more quizzes our students take, the smarter they become! Tough outside, and smart inside!
    • Test Bytes:
      • Automatically enabled when a teacher finishes teaching a chapter
      • Test has to be taken at home
      • Students can attempt this test only once
      • Test has a weightage in the result too


  • Flip cards with questions and answers
  • For higher classes
  • Students can revise concepts
  • Parents can ask questions and have access to answers