At Walnut School, every activity or period goes as per a well thought-out plan. There are no “random” decisions which are taken based on the whims of one person. There always is some thought-process which has gone behind implementation of any feature at Walnut School.

We have documented the level of planning that goes into our learning system in a separate page, which you can click here to read more about.

For parents and students to have a hassle-free experience, proper planning needs to happen all the time. Whether it is going through with the admission process, or to attend meetings on open days, or to arrange seating for parents during the carnival, a lot of thought is given to minute aspects. This brings in the “wow” factor in most of the things we do!

At Walnut School, we have our ears to the ground, and are always listening to what parents are saying. Proactive action is taken on feedback, and systems are put in place to ensure that good ideas are put into action. This leads to a virtuous cycle where we can add on to our already existing set of features.

Why the emphasis on planning? 

  • It helps to give a bird’s eye view of the year and that all the small things fit properly into the big picture
  • Curriculum can be properly spaced out with revisions and practice exams to keep that flow at a constant pace
  • Events can be spaced out at regular intervals to keep the year interesting for the child
  • All the adults involved (parents, teachers, management) can plan out their year with relation to the school calendar!

This is one of the many advantages of Walnut School.

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