With great pleasure, once again,  we announce that both Walnut Schools – Shivane and Fursungi – have achieved nothing short of brilliance in the board exams this year.This year marked a special milestone for us, as it was our third batch at Shivane and our very first at Fursungi and the whole team – students, teachers, management, and parents – delivered a stellar performance with amazing coordination like a well-rehearsed symphony.

We have published the results and the toppers on social media and the announcement classrooms with great pride (and what a large number of students we have!).  A special round of applause for our scholars!

Walnut School, Shivane toppers : 

Shubham Baraskar : 97.6%

Hrucha Sakulkar : 96.6%

Krushna Gulhane : 95.4%

Walnut School, Fursungi toppers :

Anvi Ghatge : 93.2%

Sarakshi Lamture : 91.2%

Vedang Joshi : 89.4%

We are definitely proud of our toppers. But we also want to tell you with pride that EVERYONE did well. Each and every student improved tremendously from their starting point and we are very proud of them all. Here are some statistics to show you! 

  • One third of our Walnut students scored above 90%
  • Half the class scored above 80%
  • Walnut school has a 100% pass percentage whereas the national average stands at 93.12%

How do we get these results?

We – the management – have been doing this for 23+ years already.

In preparation for the Boards, the students appeared for :

  • Revision period and a test after each chapter in each subject (almost 15 per subject) to ensure maximum retention of topics learnt.
  • 30 full length papers in the Std. 10 pattern.
  • 2 rounds of half prelims + 4 rounds of full prelims.
  • Results were monitored based on every prelim performance 
  • Students were regrouped and the teaching approach was adjusted accordingly.
  • If students were performing consistently well, they were given an Advanced paper to solve. The difficulty level was higher than the Boards, which helped them score better in the HOTS questions. 
  • Low performing students were given retests to help them improve.

The planning is done in such a way that we start working towards this goal right from the starting point, which is Nursery itself 🙂 Really! Read this article to see how Walnut prepares its students for the Std. 10 exams.

Here are our subject-wise toppers

Mathematics : 

Hrucha Sakulkar98%
Saumitra Potdar98%
Sakshat Joshi98%
Shubham Baraskar98%

Science : 

Shubham Baraskar95%
Hrucha Sakulkar95%
Samarth Buchake95%

English :

Sarakshi Lamture98%

Marathi : 

Tanushri Gurav99%
Nidhi Talokar99%

Social Studies : 

Tanushri Gurav98%

Information Technology : 

Shubham Baraskar100%

Here are some more high scorers

Samarth Buchake95.2%
Aryan Bapat94.8%
Avneesh Nair94.6%
Tanushri Gurav94.6%
Pratyusha Futane94.4%
Saumitra Potdar94.4%
Gayatri Jalindre94.2%
Kaushal Sidhapura93.8%
Nidhi Talokar93.8%
Manikanth Kulkarni93.6%
Ishan Kulkarni93%
Varad Jalukar93%
Shubham Deshpande93%
Sakshat Joshi92.4%
Shardool Kulkarni92.2%
Ishani Siknis91%
Aneesh Udas90.6%

Our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, planners, administrators who have played a pivotal role in the remarkable success of our students. They kept a close watch on their scores, their progress and were constantly in touch with the parents to make sure the students stayed on track. 

A special round of applause to the Std. 10 teachers who handled the execution and the stress brilliantly.

What we want to further share with you, is the backstory and the story of everyone else – even the ones who didn’t top the lists. Each and every student improved tremendously from their starting point and we are very proud of them all.

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