All work and no play … you know the saying, and so do we! At Walnut School, we give a wide exposure to extracurricular activities to all our students. These activities are not optional. So all our students go through each and every activity, thereby getting a true multi-dimensional experience.

Daily Sports

सिर सलामत तो पगडी पचास! Physical activity everyday is crucial for all human beings. Especially so for our young generation. Not only to help build strength and mobility, but also to enhance neuromuscular changes and endorphin release. Walnut School students have a sports period every single day. No compromise. We believe that to build a “family”, sports are essential.


Students right from Nursery up to Std 10 have this as a regular period in their timetable. We have a lot of events in the school and this is a good space to help them prepare for them. You can see huge mirrors on the wall. When they learn dance, the mirrors help the students see themselves in action and spot their own errors and improve.
Baby Walnut KG : 1 class / week
Std 1 to 4 : 2 classes / week
Std 5 to 10 : 1 class / week


Art is treated as another form of expression in Walnut. They don’t do just the typical drawings. We encourage the students to use mixed media, stencils and different techniques. The idea is to develop their sense of aesthetics, design and proportion in addition to drawing. They should also be able to express some ideas in a visual format which helps with other subjects in higher classes as well.


Walnut students have access to a full fledged library with a huge variety of age appropriate books. They have a period each week where they get to handle many different kinds of books and get a chance to be totally surrounded by books, which otherwise just doesn’t happen! They can even borrow books to take home – if the parents’ wish.


Our students always have a proper, separate area to eat. They do not eat in the classroom. In their recess break, they get to relax and unwind in a different environment.

Since they are not eating in their class the additional benefit is that the classroom does not get messy with food spills and does not smell. They also wash their hands before and after eating.

There are racks in this area. These are for students to keep their tiffins. Each student has a fixed place on the racks, with their name and details written there. They put their tiffins here when they come in the morning, access them during recess and collect them on their way home. So they just walk around all day with a folder – that’s it. Hands free all day long.