Science Lab

Students have a special period once a week for Lab work. This starts in Nursery and goes all the way up to 10th. This is separate from their regular Science theory classes.

In this class, the students get to prove or disprove different theories they are learning about. They work with their hands and actually try things out. They learn that experiments can go wrong – you have to figure out what and try and get back on track.

Math activities give a good visual feel to the theory that they come across in the classroom. So, we invest a lot of time in working on these skills so that they become quick thinkers and grasp things well as they grow older.

All this helps them with better grasping and retention in the core academic classes.

KG to Std. 5 have a STEM Demo on Electric Saturdays, which are very impressive.
Std. 6 to 10 have a STEM a-Fair competition on Electric Saturdays, which help them further level up their skills and interest!

Walnut School