This is a subject in which the kids learn more about the world around them – about things that are not covered in their curriculum in any way but are still kind of in-their-face all the time. So they don’t do stuff like countries – capitals – flags – currencies type of general knowledge.

They get an understanding of things that they see all the time – like logos and advertisements, staircases, police, cars, roads, phones, money etc. If you have all the bars on your phone and still cannot place a call, our 2nd grader can explain congestion in networks to you. Our students can tell you how to detect counterfeit currency. They can tell you about a bicycle and also what happens when they get injured and how scabs are formed. These are basically things that they see around them all the time. This information helps them connect knowledge to real world scenarios.

They get into the habit of observing more and this is a wonderful skill to develop. We invest a lot of time and energy on these skills in Walnut. The students have this class once a week from Std. 1 all the way to Std. 10.