The idea

These are totally fun Saturdays at Walnut School and are specially marked on the Calendar. Parents and students come to the school to enjoy themselves and make wonderful memories – they also pick up a skill or two in the process. These are for about an hour and once or twice every quarter for each student. They are very vibrant and truly electric in terms of the energy and enthusiasm that is seen in the school.

You can see many Electric Saturdays marked. The point to note here is that all parents and students do not have activities on every Electric Saturday. Everyone will have something once or twice every quarter.

There are four kinds of activities that happen on Electric Saturdays : Demonstrations, Competitions, Workshops and just plain, super duper fun!

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How do parents know what additional skills their children have learnt in school? Demonstrations are the best way to showcase these skills. And what better place than their own school to show them off? 🙂 We have a variety of demonstrations like reading theater, STEM demos and so much more!


Competition is everywhere – not only for students but for all adults too. But somehow, it is looked at in a bad sense. At Walnut School, we encourage healthy competition via carefully crafted events, as without competition, there is no growth and challenge.


Every once in a while, we encourage parents to sit with our students and work on hands-on activities via workshops. All the parents have to do is come to school on Saturdays with our students and have fun – no initial preparation required (remember, we are hassle free 🤩)!
Some workshops are also serious in nature like the goal setting workshop for higher classes, where our young adults sit with the teacher and parents to set their target goals in examinations.


What makes Walnut School stand apart from other schools is how we make the schooling experience “fun” for the students. By doing a whole variety and quantity of activities, we keep the students engaged and looking forward to the “next fun” activity. A true power of our learning system , ALL our students LOVE to come to school every single day (yes, even our older students!).