At Walnut, we are dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality education to our students. To make learning easier and more convenient, we have developed two apps: Walmiki, our e-learning app for students, and Wal-Sh, our communication app for parents. With these apps, we aim to facilitate a seamless learning experience for our students and provide a transparent communication channel for our parents. On this webpage, you will find links to download and get started with these apps, allowing you to enhance your child’s learning journey.

Wal-Sh App

Stay connected effortlessly with Walnut’s secure communication app, Wal-Sh. Exchange messages, view school calendar, send notes, receive results, updates and make payments digitally. Get started now!

Check out our video tutorials for navigating the Wal-Sh app

Walmiki App

Our comprehensive e-learning app with high-quality lectures, quizzes, and flashcards for seamless learning at your child’s own pace. Also features Test Byte’s with weightage in the results. Download and get started now.

Look under the hood of how tech binds everything together at Walnut School