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Starting the Academic Year 2023-24

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Know your dates for the 2023-24 academic year

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Quick overview – What the year looks like

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How to read the calendar

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First Day of School : What to send with the child

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Textbooks, exams, Homework

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A Closer Look at Unit 1

Dear Parents,

FIRST THINGS FIRST – have you collected the ID card and other material? 

In case you haven’t collected the ID card and other material by 18th March, Saturday – here is when you can. Look at your shift timing and the corresponding collection timing. Please note that it is absolutely necessary to have the ID card to attend school. Wait in the office with your child. First, collect everything, then put the ID card on the student, the tiffin ID card on the tiffin bag and then they can go into class. 

Classes School timing Collection timing
Std 6 – 10 : early morning 7:05 am to 12:20 pm 7 am
Std 1 – 5 : morning 8:50 am to 2:05 pm 8 am
Std 1 – 6 : late morning 10.35 am to 3.50 pm 10 am


Ok, now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about the upcoming unit! 

The academic year and Unit 1 begin in the upcoming week. As promised, we are sending you an overview of all the exciting upcoming events and other activities.

There are different start dates for different classes ranging from March 20 to March 24. 

Unit 1 has the summer break in between. So, we have two sessions : pre-summer and post-summer. The last working day for the pre-summer session is April 13. The break starts from April 14. 

The post summer session starts on different dates for different classes ranging from June 1 to June 5. Check the calendar for the exact date for your class. You can also check the online version of the calendar.

You can also see many Electric Saturdays marked in the Calendar. Here is a quick overview of what is happening on each one. The details of each will be shared with you separately. 

ONLINE CONNECT All information and tutorials will be sent prior to this on email and on the Wal-Sh app. This is to make sure new parents know how to connect for the PTMs. This will take about 5 minutes. Follow the instructions sent before this and then log in anytime between 8.30 am and 9.30 am and check.

Date : March 25

AttendeesONLINE ALL NEW PARENTS Std. 1 to 10 (8.30 – 9.30 am)

BOOK HANDOVER Half an hour slot between 8 am and 10 am. Exact timing will be conveyed to you closer to the date.

Date : April 8, Standards : Std. 2, 3

DEBATE 40 minute slot between 8 am and 11 am. Exact timing will be conveyed to you closer to the date.

Date : June 10, Standards : Std. 6, 9

Date : June 17, Standards : Std. 7, 8

BOARD GAMES 20 minutes for the first eliminations between 8 am and 9 am. Exact timing will be conveyed to you closer to the date. Winners continue in knockouts after that till 10.30 am.

Date : June 10, Standards : Std. 5 + 4A + some groups of 4B

Date : June 17, Standards : Std. 3 + 4D + some groups of 4B

READING THEATRE 30 minute slot between 8 am and 11 am. Exact timing will be conveyed to you closer to the date.

Date : June 10, Standards : Std. 2

Date : June 17, Standards : Std. 1

The offline PTM is marked for June 24. The teachers will be available to talk to the parents from 8 am to 10 am. The meeting time comes to an end at 10 am, as the teachers have a training session related to preparation for the upcoming practice tests and exams. The location of where different teachers will be, will be sent to you closer to the date. 

As you can see in the calendar, the practice tests are from June 29 to July 5. After that, the exams follow. Since different classes have different number of tests, the calendar has the classes marked below the TEST icon. Here is a quick view of that in a different format for your convenience. 



So, this is what the next 7 weeks at Walnut look like! 

As we have mentioned before, the excitement never stops at Walnut! Unit 2 promises to be as exciting (or more!) 😉

Not to beat our own drums, but what you see above is a result of a marathon of planning and execution by multiple teams, and exclusively done so that our children get a definitive edge over others! Tough outside… smart inside… that’s our ethos!


KG : Starting the Academic Year 2023-24

Dear Parents,

We are all set to start the new academic year 2023 – 24! Do refer to the table for your child’s school reopening date :

Class School reopens on
Nursery Monday, 5 June 2023
Junior KG Thursday, 8 June 2023
Senior KG Monday, 12 June 2023


There are a lot of things we need to tell you and we will be sending out LOTS of instructions via email. Do make sure you read them thoroughly and if it feels like too much, just listen to the attached audio! 🙂

Here are the steps that you need to take, to ensure a smooth start :

Step 1 of 5 : Fees to be paid by 14th April

  • Paying fees on time will help us organize our lists and items to be given to you before school starts.
  • The office needs 4 working days after fee payment to organize the materials that are to be given to you. Things cannot happen faster than that.
  • If the management has approved any change in fee payment/installment dates, the school office will have a note of the same. Please do not call or email again for that.

Step 2 of 5 : Item collection

Dates  – Collection dates and times

Date Timings Venue
25th to 30th May 9 am to 1 pm

Closed on Sunday

Basement, School Building


Here are the things to collect from the school : 

  • 2 Temporary ID cards for the student – to be worn by the student right from the first day of the new school year. No entry into school without the ID card.
  • 1 Tiffin ID card for the students – to be attached to the tiffin bag without fail. This will reduce tiffin mix ups. An easy way to do this is to tie a string and loop the card through, just like we attach tags to baggage at the airport!
  • Calendar – a single place where you can get information of all the activities to be conducted during the course of the school year. We also have an online Google Calendar of the same, which you can access from our website under the specific school branch.
  • 2 Fridge magnets – to put up the calendar on the fridge and also to put up cool certificates which your child will win!
  • Files – Collect as per the chart below :
Std Files Subject wise distribution
Nur, Jr. KG, Sr. KG 3 WRITE (1 each for Writing and Numeracy),
Art + Hands on Activity


  • Funky folding Walnut bag – this bag is for you to show off how environmentally friendly you are when you go to the market! 🙂 This is for YOU, not for the kids!

Please note:

  • Worksheets which your child brings home on a weekly basis should be filed in the files that are given.
  • Teachers dedicate Saturdays for checking and sorting students’ worksheets. Hence, worksheets that are taught in the previous week, are sent home every Monday.

Step 3 of 5 : Make sure you have ordered the uniform

  • Same dates and hours as the material collection time.
  • Visit the school office to check uniform size, if you haven’t already. In that case, bring your child along with you to try out the uniform to figure out the size.
  • Place the order for two sets (you can order more if you want).
  • Collect it immediately if the size is available.
  • Do place an order for the winter jackets, if you don’t have one. Students will NOT be allowed to wear personal sweatshirts or sweaters to school.

Please note:

  • You also need 100% black shoes (sports) and black socks, but you need to get those on your own.
  • Any brand that you are comfortable with is fine, but make sure it is totally black.
    (Just the brand name in a different colour is ok, but no other designs)

Step 4 of 5 : Make sure you have arranged for transportation

  • The transport provider details are as follows:
    • Shivane campus :
      Mr. Marne – 9970194003
    • Fursungi campus :
      Mr. Santosh Nagawde – 8698775577 / 9970693511
    • Wakad campus :
      Mr. Nilesh Swami – 9850414995 / Mr. Ganesh Swami – 7558433851
  • Please fix the pick up and drop off location, payment terms etc. in advance. That will prevent problems later.

Step 5 of 5 : Wait for school to start!

We cannot wait to see our students enjoying their schooling with us – learning together, forming bonds and participating in all our activities. Our teachers are super excited too!

Special Notes :

  • If you misplace your permanent ID card, you will have to place a request for a new one. It costs Rs. 100.
  • The ID card is part of the uniform and is A MUST to enter the school premises.
  • Central help desk : 020-35007900
  • Email address : [email protected]

We hope that you and the kids are all refreshed and set to attack this year with great gusto. We sure are!

What 2023-24 looks like!

Click here, to access the What 2023-24 looks like circular.

KG : How to read the calendar

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KG – First Day of School : What to send with the child

(या ई-मेल ला attach केलेल्या audio file मध्ये ही ई-मेल मराठी मध्ये समजून सांगितली आहे. / इस ई-मेल के साथ जो audio file attach की हैं, उसमे ये ई-मेल हिंदी में explain की हैं।)

Dear Parents,

We are preparing for the start of a new academic year for our Baby Walnut students. Do go through the email thoroughly, since it tells you how to prepare for your child’s first day – what things to carry, how the pick up and drop off system works, and other such relevant details.

FIRST THINGS FIRST – have you collected the ID card and other material? 

In case you haven’t, do make sure you collect it latest by 31st May between 9 am and 1 pm. Material collection (ID card, tiffin ID card, files, calendar and fridge magnets) can be done on Saturday, 3rd June between 10 am and 12 noon. Please note that it is absolutely necessary to have the ID card to attend school.

We are preparing to welcome our children back in the coming week and here’s how you can help make the first day back to school a smooth experience :

Pick up and drop off :

  • Children who DO NOT come to school by the WALNUT SCHOOL authorized transport  are known as MAMMA CHILDREN. That means, even if the students come by some private transport, they are still MAMMA CHILDREN for us.  These children must be dropped off in school 5 minutes before their given batch timings.
  • Drop off points are specified in the school campus, and our staff will guide you toward them. MAMMA CHILDREN are to be picked up after school is over from the same points.
  • Do watch this video to know about the pick up and drop off points. Please be patient and cooperate with our staff and comply with the drop-off points.
  • In case you have opted for the WALNUT SCHOOL authorized transport, the transport providers will be informing you regarding the pick up and drop off timings as well as routes.

Uniform :

  • Each child must be in clean and complete uniform, which includes black socks, black shoes and the ID card.
  • Children without an ID card will not be allowed to enter the school campus or attend school. This is for security purposes. Please do not argue with our staff regarding this. 
  • The ID card must be tied to the string hanging from the pocket. Do NOT use safety pins.
    Watch this short video in the language of your choice, to know how to tie the ID card.
  • Similarly, make sure you send a handkerchief with your child to school. Do NOT pin up the handkerchief to the T-shirt. Please put the handkerchief in the pocket.
    Watch this short video in the language of your choice to know the correct way of sending the handkerchief with the child.
  • Hair should be properly combed and not falling on to the forehead and eyes. If hair goes up to the shoulder, it must be tied up neatly. Hair bands or hair ties or elastics or pins must all be black.
  • Reference number is to be written on the uniform label (T – shirt, trousers, jacket) Tiffin Bag and napkins and also on the shoes so that they do not get mixed up.
    Suggestions : write with a ball point pen or get it embroidered.
  • No dangling jewellery, nail polish, mehendi, tattoos etc. Small studs or small simple rings are the only jewellery allowed.
  • Trimming of nails should be done at regular intervals.

Stationery / Academic material : 

  • Please make sure that you have collected the specified material (ID card, tiffin ID card, files, calendar and fridge magnets) as per the schedule conveyed to you through the email titled : Starting the Academic Year 2023-24. It is compulsory to collect the material before the first day of school.
  • The files are NOT to be carried to school. They must be kept at home. Worksheets that will come home weekly are to be filed in these files, per subject.
  • We are a bagless school right till Std. 10, so of course – NO SCHOOL BAG to be sent along with the child! 🙂

Tiffin / Water bottles : 

  • Tiffin ID card is a MUST to get the right tiffin to the child (during recess and while going home) so make sure it is attached to the tiffin bag properly. An easy way to do this is to tie a string and loop the card through, just like we attach tags to baggage at the airport!
  • Children will be bringing a tiffin, water bottle and napkin in a small bag to school. The bag (with the things inside) must fit in an area of 10 x 10 inches and 4 inches height.
  • Do make sure that students are able to handle the bag on their own and don’t need to drag it along. They would only be required to handle this bag during lunch break.
  • Make sure the water bottle is leak-proof (1/2 litre). This bottle will be kept in the snacks area for the whole day and will be used during the snack break. Water through the school RO filter will be available on every floor for drinking for the rest of the day. Students will be using disposable glasses. (To prevent the spread of germs)
  • School drinking water quality is checked at regular intervals and is absolutely potable. Please note that we have a very well maintained and hygienic RO filter system for safe and pure drinking water.
  • Students are allowed and encouraged to drink water between periods, so as to keep them well-hydrated. Please note that a water bottle cannot be allowed to be kept with them in the classroom. It is difficult for them to manage because they change locations after every period. Please do not argue about this with our staff.
  • Avoid sending junk food. Healthy eating habits should start at an early age – which is now!
  • Do not send snacks in the kid’s pocket to eat in the classroom. They will be confiscated.
  • Children must carry a cloth napkin to lay out to eat on. They must eat carefully without spilling and spoiling the eating area.
  • Please make sure that the children carry the tiffin when they come to school. Late tiffin entries cannot be entertained. Staff cannot collect tiffins at odd times for the students. Please do not argue about this with our staff.

Early or Personal pick ups : 

  • This is largely discouraged but we understand that emergencies can happen once in a while where this would be necessary. If the child is to be picked up early from school or a child going by bus is going to be picked up from school directly, please send a note with the child at the beginning of the day to be given in the office. (Mention the child’s name, ref no + Specify the reason, who will pick the child up, the time, signed by parent)
  • In case there is a bigger emergency, and you come at the very last minute – please wait patiently till your children arrive. As you know, children are spread out at different locations at different times of the day. Do not become irritated with the office staff as they need time!

In the end, please be patient. It is the first day of school for many students and parents. There are some new students, and some who have been with us for some time. Children and parents are bound to be anxious. Some may be a little confused. It is okay. As long as your child is in the school premises, he/she is safe. We know all this and know how to manage it all! Sit back, and enjoy the day after you drop off your child. Children will soon get used to schooling, and we are here to make that experience fun and interesting!

Remember, even we must have cried when we went to school for the first time. So, even if our children do that, it’s okay really. Everyone will be comforting them. Enjoy the process, take lots of photos and videos. They are so much fun to watch as a grown up. Cute memories for later 🙂

Looking forward to having lots of fun with the kids and the parents across different events throughout the year. See you soon!

Marathi Audio : 

Hindi Audio :