FAQs for new parents

For new parents of Walnut School, here are some frequently asked questions, about how we do things at Walnut.

Timings and Routine

What is the reporting time?

Depending on your batch, please check the reporting time on these pages:

Shivane campus

Wakad campus

Fursungi campus

How many recesses and duration?


For Std 1 to 10, each student has one recess period (35 minutes) somewhere in the middle of their school day.

KG students have one 30 minute recess period everyday.

If school starts at 7:05 am, then recess starts sometime between 8.50 am and 10.00 am
If school starts at 8:50 am, then recess starts sometime between 10.35 am and 11.45 am
If school starts at 10:35 am, then recess starts sometime between 12.20 pm and 1.30 pm
If school starts at 12:20 pm, then recess starts sometime between 2.05 pm and 3.15 pm

What is the daily timetable like?

For Std. 1 to 10, students have one recess period everyday which is somewhere in the middle of the day. They have one sports period everyday as well. They have a distribution of core subjects and activity periods throughout the day.

What do we have to do on the days marked as ELECTRIC SATURDAYS?

All parents and students do not have activities on every Electric Saturday. Everyone will have something once or twice every quarter. If you have not received any email about a certain saturday that means there is no activity on this Electric Saturday for you. So, in that case for you it is a holiday. 

In case you cannot come on an Electric Saturday slot that you are specifically called, that is fine. No core academic work happens in these sessions. The activities that are designed are for parents to see and kids to perform. So if you are busy and cannot come with your child for a particular event it is again okay for both of you to miss it. 

As mentioned in the calendar explanation, Electric Saturdays are fun days for the students and even the parents. Sports matches, quiz competitions, challenges, workshops, art days, science fairs, business fairs, debate competitions and lots of other exciting activities! You will get emails about this from time to time. Different classes will have these events on different Saturdays. (remember : no email to you = no activity for your child)

All important information is given to you through the emails that you can see on the WalSh App.

Changing the batch timing

In case a parent wishes to change the batch timing, send us a request by email. We then add your name to the waiting list. When it is possible to go ahead with the change, we let you know. Till then parents have to continue with the timings that are assigned. There is no need to write to the school about this repeatedly. The moment you write to us for the first time, you get added into the waiting list for a shift change. Some batches are in huge demand and the waiting period is thus very long. We cannot give parents an estimate of when the change will actually happen because it is totally non linear. 

Also please note that for the primary section (till Std. 5) the afternoon shift is not really afternoon, it is actually late morning. It is just 1.5 hours after the earlier timing.

How are birthdays celebrated?

We celebrate birthdays with an “aukshan” of the birthday child, giving them a personalized birthday card, and singing the birthday song while they are wearing a unique birthday cake hat. If the birthday of a student falls on a weekend or a school holiday, we celebrate it in the following school week. On birthdays please send the child in regular school uniform. Do not send any gift items to be distributed amongst the other students either. This event is strictly for the students. So parents cannot attend.

I would like to request a division change for my child

At Walnut School, divisions are randomly allocated at the beginning of each academic year. Allotment of divisions is fixed for the year. We understand that you may have concerns about your child being placed in a different division than what you had hoped for. However, we want to reassure you that this can be a positive experience for your child. By being in a different division, your child will have the opportunity to make new friends and retain old ones, while still meeting and interacting with students from the entire standard during recess and sports activities. Children get to know other children through shuffling and make more friends. 

Also, grade 6 onwards they have differential learning. So for all core subjects and sports they are split up into groups that are as per their abilities in the subject. So essentially these children have different groups – one for each of the subjects and one for the rest of the activities. Students make more friends and will retain older ones as well. As adults who have more experience of the way the world works and who know how good it is to develop good networking skills at an early age, let us encourage our students to look at this as an opportunity to further expand their circle of friends and intellectual stimulation! After a week or two of school, if you still have concerns regarding how your child is accepting a division shuffle, we are more than willing to counsel your child in school. Please let us know if you would like us to.

On days marked as parties in the school calendar, do students come in party wear?

Students are expected to come to school in complete school uniform on all days. When civil / party dresses are allowed, we will give you a heads up. Unless you get an email asking to send children in party wear, just assume the default attire to be the complete school uniform. 

I would like my child’s class timetable to be changed

The timetable and calendar at Walnut are very complex and planned with great detail. It takes hours and days of highly skilful work to form this jigsaw puzzle perfectly for a school like Walnut – to make the maximum and best resources available to the students. Please also understand that Walnut School is run by educationists and technologists, and that there are pedagogical thoughts which also go into making of the timetable. Please do not make requests for changes. They are impossible to fulfil.

Coming to school

What happens if the child forgets to wear the ID card?

Students without ID cards are not allowed to attend school. The student is asked to wait in the office and the parent is called to come and deliver the ID card or to take the child home.

What happens if the child does not wear sports shoes?

Wearing black sports shoes is a part of the school uniform. Unless the child has a foot injury which prevents them from wearing shoes, this is not allowed. The student is asked to wait in the office and the parent is called to come and deliver the shoes or to take the child home. In any case students who do not wear sports shoes are not allowed to participate in the sports activity. They have to wait on the sidelines.

What happens if the child does not come in proper school uniform?

Wearing the complete school uniform (also clean, properly fitting) is compulsory everyday unless specifically stated for a particular day. The student who is not in complete and proper school uniform is asked to wait in the office and the parent is called to come and fix the problem or to take the child home.

What happens if the child has overgrown fingernails?

This is a danger to others. The child is not allowed to participate in sports. In the first instance a warning is given and the child is expected to not be caught in a repeat situation. 

Do we have to send any extra pair of clothes to the school?

Not at all. The school uniform is a sports uniform and keeps them comfortable all day. In case a very young child has a potty accident, we put on our replacement set and send yours along with the child. Make sure you wash ours and send it back the next day.

On the first day after a long break, will the school be for the whole day?

Absolutely. The school always runs for the regular hours unless explicitly stated.

What do the kids have to bring to school in the folder and lunch bag everyday?

In the folder : sharpened pencils (no sharpener, no sharpening allowed in school either), eraser, ruler, pen etc. completed HW
In the lunch bag : a water bottle, food to eat in recess, a napkin to lay out and place the tiffin on while eating

The school day

Washroom and drinking water visits

As the students move from class to class, they have a 5 min break between classes. This is the time to go to the washroom or drink water. There are washrooms and water fountains on every floor and kids have easy access to this. The teachers are telling them this constantly, maybe you can tell them at home too. 

Wanting the child to carry drinking water for the whole day

School drinking water quality is checked at regular intervals and is absolutely potable. We have a very well maintained and hygienic RO filter system for safe and pure drinking water. 

For KG students we have disposable glasses to drink water. For primary students we have water fountains for drinking water installed on all floors. This prevents spread of germs as no glasses are used.

Students are allowed and encouraged to drink water between periods, so as to keep them well-hydrated. 

Our students change locations after every period and have to carry their folders with them. Please note that a water bottle cannot be allowed to be kept with them in the classroom in the Walnut system.

What if my child gets lost in the subjectwise classroom switches?

The classroom timetables are always displayed on the notice board in the corridor of that floor. If the child gets lost in the classroom switches, he/she can check it there. If still it is not clear, the floor mavshis or teachers help the child to locate the classroom.

Does it get chaotic when students are switching from one class to another class?

Nope. Not at all. Walnut School classrooms have two doors – one for IN one for OUT. 

Our students know exactly where they have to go due to the planned timetable. Also, there is plenty of time to get to the next class. They also use this time to go to the bathroom or drink water if they feel the need to. It gives them a good break. It also helps in neuroplastic changes which help in better assimilation of what they have learnt in the previous period. (Which is why all desk job employees are all encouraged to take 5 min walking breaks after every hour of work!)

Will my child get tired because of changing classrooms?

Nope. Not at all. There is plenty of time to get to the next class. They also use this time to go to the bathroom or drink water if they feel the need to. It gives them a good break. It helps them reset their mental fatigue too. In fact they are super happy and the josh is high even at the very last period of the day.

Also they only have to leave their floor and go all the way down only for food or sports. Otherwise its mostly just shuffling between classrooms that are quite close to each other. All possible due to the awesome timetable that we have!

Will someone feed my child? Will someone make sure they finish their tiffin?

In our snack area, we have some staff members dedicated to assisting students during snack time. They do their best to encourage students to finish their tiffin, but it’s important to note that they do not force the kids to finish their tiffin. We recognize that there may be various reasons why a student might not finish their tiffin, such as individual preferences or underlying health issues. We prioritize respecting each student’s autonomy in deciding how much they eat during snack time. There is also no one on one assistance of feeding children individually.

How will I get photos of my child in school doing the activities we see on social media?

All children participate in all the events and activities that we have at Walnut. The photos on social media cannot show every child. 

We do not have a dedicated cameraman who takes individual photos of each class and student. Our teachers too are actively involved in ensuring that every student takes part in all the activities, which makes capturing a large number of photos quite challenging. 

The photos and videos we share on social media serve as a short representation to give parents a glimpse of what is happening in school. We encourage you to follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on the posts shared by both the school and other parents. We encourage you to make use of the information we share to spark conversations with your child about their day at school. This can be a unique bonding activity that allows you to delve deeper into their experiences and encourage them to share their thoughts, feelings, and learnings with you.

Core Academics : Worksheets, Classwork, Homework

What should we do with the worksheets that come home?

Std 1, 2 : Just file the sheets that the child brings home. They do not need to come back to school. File sheets of different subjects in different files as has been shared with you in the material collection list. 

Std. 3 to 10 : When the sheet comes home, if there is HW on it, then that has to be done and brought back to school the next day. Once the homework is checked and the sheet is returned, it does not have to come back to school. File it and keep it at home.

What do we have to refer to the worksheets for?

We need to refer to the worksheets for the content that is taught in the school and so to prepare for the examinations. The worksheets are the reference material for the students to revise the concepts that are required to be done for their periodic tests/unit exams.

How do we come to know about homework?

You can check it from what the student has marked on the worksheet when they bring it home. This is also seen in the curriculum update tab of Wal-Sh app, which is usually updated sometime before 6 pm everyday.

What is to be done about homework?

Students from KG to Std 2 do not have homework. So there is no action point here. From Std. 3 onwards, the student needs to complete the homework and bring it back to school the next day and hand it over to the teacher. Once it is checked by the teacher, it is returned to the student to bring it home and file.

What are the textbooks that we have to refer to?

You need to refer to the NCERT textbooks and novels and some state board textbooks that are mentioned in the list shared with you. Some special subjects in some standards do not have a separate textbook assigned. The study material for these is sent to you on the worksheets itself as it is custom made for Walnut School students. 


How do we reschedule an exam?

Exams cannot be rescheduled for any reason (sickness, family functions, competitions etc). Even timings on that day itself also cannot be changed. For certain standards, some exams can be taken in an online format. However, those students will not be considered in the topper’s list. All this information and protocols related to this are shared closer to the actual exam date.

How are exam grades allotted?

The 8 – point grading scale is a CBSE format requirement. Under this, the marks are converted into percentages and then graded accordingly. The percentage ranges are listed at the bottom of the result shared with you. These will help you understand the comparison of your child’s scores with the grades given in the result.

What are summative and formative exams?

Summative assessment is calculated based on the formal written exams conducted at the end of each quarter. 

Formative assessment is based on the Walmiki MCQ Test Bytes, short tests, orals, classroom participation and submissions that happen over the quarter.

Getting in touch with the school

What happens if my child has lost something in school?

The maushis clean up all the classrooms after the school day is over. Whatever is found in the classroom is put in the lost and found box. So, the next day your child can check that out and get back whatever was forgotten. Just make sure everything is properly labelled. That said, don’t send exclusive or expensive stuff to school that would upset you if lost!

How can I call the school to generally ask how my child is or to talk to my child?

Please do not do this at all. The admin team that is answering the calls is in different offices. The team that is with your children is somewhere in the campus with them depending on what activity the kids have in their timetable. There is absolutely no way that this information can be given to you. If the child is unwell please do not send them to school. If we call you and ask you to come to pick the child up because they are unwell, again the same applies. The sick bay and the admin team are at different locations. The child cannot come to the phone to talk to you. Just come to the school in that situation and pick them up. They are unwell and need to go home. 

Connecting with the school for general queries

Write to us at feedback at walnutedu dot in

How do I meet the Principal / Vice Principal / Administrator?

Prior appointments with proper information are essential to meet with the heads of the school. While we value parents’ involvement in their child’s education, the school management is busy in the school with the students and teachers and cannot be available on demand. Parents have to send in an email with their queries / concerns beforehand. Then, the issue is assigned to the concerned people and investigated. In case an appointment is actually needed to resolve it or explain it, that is then scheduled with the parents. Most issues / queries are resolved asynchronously through our administrative teams quite efficiently. So, please send us your question / concern / complaint over email as the starting point.

How do PTMs happen?

There are two PTMs every quarter at Walnut. The two formats are Online PTM and Offline PTM. 

Offline PTM : These are held once a quarter on a Saturday morning which is marked in the calendar. Parents can come and speak with the teacher that they wish. The location of where different teachers are available is shared with the parents the day before. 

Online PTM : These are held once a quarter. Parents of a division can connect with the core subject teachers within the given time slot. These are held over the course of the week.

Why are some parents unable to enter the online PTM room?

Parents have to join the online PTM (or any link sent by the school) using the student’s Walnut ID only. That is the standard and only way to access any links shared by the school. 

We use Google Meet for these meetings. Google meet does not have a waiting room. If you use the Walnut ID then you directly get connected. If you got the message that you had to be “admitted” into the meeting or need “permission” or have “no access” it means that you did not use the Walnut ID. Please try to keep these things in mind. 

Please note that PTMs cannot be repeated. We have one week of online PTMs and one offline PTM each quarter. If you miss any for any reason, you can always plan to catch the next scheduled one. 

Rescheduling a PTM or asking for an online PTM on a Saturday

Since we wish to give all parents a chance to reach out to all the core subject teachers it is important to figure out a way to do so in such a way that a parent does not end up having a meeting with two teachers at the same time or a teacher does not end up having a meeting with two parent groups at the same time. This has to be figured out during the teacher’s working hours when they do not have to attend training sessions and take classes and do worksheet checking and other school duties. So we absolutely cannot reschedule the PTMs. 

The online PTMs are actually very easy to attend. You do not have to come to school for them, you can attend from wherever you already are. Also, they are not compulsory at all. They are also subject wise, so it is up to you as to which ones you want to attend. If you have specific questions, it does not take more than 5 minutes.
This is all amazingly convenient for the parents and very thoughtfully and painstakingly organized by the school. If you have any specific question, you can always email us. If there is a severe problem that the teacher wants to tell you, the school team will reach out to you. We do not wait for PTMs for such cases and we also do not share such problems in front of other parents. We also have one offline PTM scheduled every quarter, which is on a Saturday morning. You can try to catch that one, if you wish.

How can I meet a certain teacher apart from the PTM time?

Please note that we do not have on-demand appointments with individual teachers. To ensure that our teachers can devote their time to their students, we ask that you follow the PTM schedule that allows you to interact with each subject teacher. Additionally, you can always email your specific concern or question to us. It will definitely be looked into and addressed.

How can I get information about my child’s “class teacher”?

We do not have a specific “Class Teacher” or “Mother teacher” allotted to any class, since different teachers teach different subjects that they are trained for. All teachers who are  interacting with your child are noting down their observations which are shared with you in the PTM. This helps ALL of us (parents, teachers, management) to have an all – round perspective of each child.

All teachers are trained and follow the Walnut Learning System. They rotate between classes after certain intervals so that all teachers and all students are reasonably familiar with each other. When a teacher is absent, there is no problem with an alternate teacher stepping in and taking over. 

For some subjects and activities there are different skill sets that we are developing in the children. These change from topic to topic. So the best teacher suited for that topic is assigned those lessons and activities. This also works very well with the upcoming NEP guidelines.

Why has my child’s teacher changed?Asking for a certain teacher to not be changed / substituted

There are certain unpredictable circumstances when a teacher becomes unavailable. It can be  teachers falling sick and going on long leave or teachers having to attend mandatory training or supervising exams etc. Sometimes, a teacher moves to a different location or may choose to work at a different institution altogether. We arrange short term or long term substitutes in these situations to make sure that our students are on track with their studies and they continue with uninterrupted learning.  

Please be assured that all our teachers are really nice and they all follow the same learning system. Younger children may require some time to open up to a new person – but the teacher is quite understanding of that. Within a week or two the children start adjusting to the new teachers as well.

How do I get information on a timely basis about what is happening in school?

Walnut parents get constant information about their child’s activities and performance in many ways 

  • Parents get to see exactly what was taught in each class on a daily basis and what classwork and homework was assigned to the students through the WalSh app. 
  • The worksheets that the students work on are seen by the teacher and sent home. Parents can go through those as well. 
  • Students have to take chapterwise tests on Walmiki (MCQ tests). Parents can see the child’s performance there too. 
  • Multiple practice tests are evaluated each quarter and sent home for parents to see. 
  • Parents also get the actual answer sheets of the child home after they are checked by the teacher. 
  • There are also two opportunities to interact with the teacher in every quarter.
How do I contact the school in an emergency?

An emergency situation in your family can only translate to an early pick up that you may need to suddenly schedule for your child. You can call on the school number in that case and the team will guide you from there. Do note that we cannot bring your child to the phone or connect you directly to certain specific staff members. 

How does the school contact the parent in an emergency? What happens if my kid feels sick or gets hurt while in school?

Emergency situations can be generated in the school where a child may have hurt themselves or hurt others. In that case, some team member from the school will call you, update you and ask you to come to the school. Please cooperate with the school and be prompt in your actions in that case. 

If the kid is mildly or moderately unwell / hurt , we bring the kid to the ‘Sick Bay’ to rest and inform parents by making a call to pick up the kid. Meanwhile we do the first aid that is required. Kindly note that we don’t do any medication in school if the child is unwell/hurt. If it is a severe case we take the kid to the nearest clinic and then connect the medical staff there with the parents. 

It can so happen that the parent does not answer the phone when the school calls or the phone does not connect. Our team calls all the numbers registered with us two times and then sends an email to update the parent about the situation. 

Being absent

How do I let the teachers know that my child is going to be absent from school?

If the child is going to be absent for more than 3 days, then let us know. Teachers take attendance every day and we know that kids may need a day or two off from time to time due to mild sickness during weather changes. So there is no need to send emails or absent notes for that reason. If the child is going to be absent for a longer time due to a big illness or a sports tournament etc. then let us know via either the Wal-Sh app only. Do not send us an email, as that entry will not be recorded.

How do kids who are absent get the academic material that they have missed?

We hand over the worksheets that your child has missed out on, once the child rejoins the school. You can also refer to the “Curriculum update” section in the Wal-sh app to get the digital format of the worksheet and the presentations that the teacher has used in the class. 

Physical copies of the worksheets need to be collected from each subject teacher separately. Those respective teachers have them in their files for the absent students. So when the students come back to the classroom, in their next subject period those sheets will be handed over to them by each teacher separately. Students and parents can refer to the digital copies in the app in the meantime.

Kid having problems in school

What do you do if a kid is misbehaving beyond tolerable limits?

If the kid’s behavior is extremely disruptive and not controllable by the teacher then the teacher sends the student to the Vice Principal or Principal with the mavshi of that floor and updates them about the situation. A counsellor or one of these senior management team members talk to the child and then further investigate the incident. After everything is found out, parents are informed so that they can also additionally counsel the child and help to stop them from going on the wrong track. The student may not be allowed to attend classes for the rest of the day. If the misbehaviour is too severe, some students may even be suspended for a certain duration of time.

School apps

Student’s Walnut email ID

This email ID has been specially created for your child. You receive it as part of the Welcome Email that is sent out upon your child’s admission to Walnut. Make sure you check it regularly since all the school communication is sent to this email ID.

This email ID will remain the same, throughout your child’s schooling journey with Walnut school. For your information, the first two letters of the email address stand for the campus your child is studying in. The next alpha-numeric combination (2 letters + 2 numbers) is your child’s reference number.

What is the Walmiki App used for?

The Walmiki App provides the student access to a HUGE database of MCQs and descriptive questions, which can be used for regular revision at home. These questions are made for the Walnut Learning System by Dr. Arpita Karkare’s content team.

Each chapter has two sets of quizzes created on it : REVISE and TEST.
REVISE quizzes are for practice. Students can take these quizzes multiple times, where the question set is randomized for each attempt. This way, students can become thorough with the concepts.

TEST quizzes are the TEST BYTES that you can read about in the exam circular. These are quizzes given as homework once each chapter is taught. The marks of these quizzes are later collated and added to the quarterly formative assessments.

Click here for the steps to access the Walmiki app. You receive the login details as part of the Welcome Email that is sent out upon your child’s admission to Walnut School.

We recommend your child access this app from any browser. 

What is the WalSh App used for?

This is the student app that has : 

  • Communication from school (keeps your inbox clean, and all information from the school in one accessible place!).
  • The option to pay fees directly, based on your payment plan (coming soon)
  • Downloadable PDF versions of the fee receipts (coming soon)
  • Month – wise view of the school calendar, customised for your campus (coming soon)
  • A quick and easy way to convey your child’s absence from school, without needing to send in handwritten notes!
  • A quick view of the Student Profile (coming soon)
    Personal information like change in address, phone number, parent’s personal email address can be updated directly by the parents, by using a simple OTP authentication.
    If both parents are communicating with the school, please add in both your email addresses here. That way, when you write to us, we can quickly figure out which student it is  for, as the student information linked to that parent email then automatically comes up. 
  • The unit – wise results (PDF) (coming soon)
  • Reminders for the online Parent – Teacher Meetings (coming soon)
  • All of Walnut’s social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel and the blog) accessible through a single page, for the school’s latest updates. (coming soon)
  • Daily curriculum academic updates for the parent to know what was taught in school. Parents can access the curriculum per subject and unit, and download the academic material used during that particular period as well. 

This app can be accessed through the PlayStore / AppStore. Do login with your registered phone number and an OTP that gets generated when you login.

For parents who want to access it through the browser, we also have a handy URL which you can access it from: https://erp.walnutedu.in/walsh

What do we do if we are unable to open links sent from school?

All links from the school have to be opened using your child’s walnut email ID only, which ends with @walnutedu.in It will not open using your personal Gmail account. Please follow the tutorial on https://tinyurl.com/2c5rhsw5 to open the academic material. If this solution doesn’t work, then you may need to change your device i.e. switch to a laptop or another phone.

Communication from the school
  • We send out detailed circulars on Wal-SH well in advance (no sudden shocks or surprises here 🙂) , to inform you about specific events or school – related updates. Do make sure you have the WalSh app installed on your phone!
  • Our circulars are a bit on the long side, because they try to explain things in detail with examples – and replace meetings! You can go through them at your convenience. 
  • Circulars are of two types – one which is meant for everyone, and one which is meant only for your child. We make that very clear at the top of the circular – so please pay attention to the same.
  • We request to refer to the circulars sent to YOU and not refer to circulars forwarded by other parents, either on email or as screenshots circulated through WhatsApp. In fact, we highly recommend not relying on any “Whatsapp group” information at all! 
  • If you feel you have not received a circular / are not receiving circulars from the school, do write to us on [email protected] and we will help you resolve the issue.

Online schooling

How do students who are continuing online get the academic material?

– The academic material (worksheets, presentations, answer sheets) will be available in real – time through the Curriculum Updates feature on the Wal – Sh app. Please follow and keep track of the curriculum being covered for your child’s class on a daily basis. The tutorial that will help you with this can be found here.
– You can download this academic material from the app and have our student go through it. Unfortunately, no live teaching will be available but you can reach us on [email protected] in case of any queries or for further academic support that you may need.
– Further, you can access the eLearning lectures, practice quizzes and test bytes on Walmiki for additional practice of each concept being taught in the core subjects as part of the curriculum. Some homework assignments are done entirely on Walmiki and those must be done and submitted on time by our student. 

How do students who are continuing online appear for exams?

– Our student should appear online for the Unit test exams as per the schedule specified in the school calendar. The question papers will be made available in Wal – Sh through the Curriculum Updates feature as per the exam schedule. You will have to make sure the exams are attempted and submitted before the given due date, in order to get the papers checked by the teachers. Further instructions regarding how the answer sheets should be sent across to the school, will be shared closer to the exam date
– The Practice tests for these exams will also be made available to you, along with the model answer sheets as per a specific schedule too. Our student will be able to solve them in real – time as well, and self check the answers by referring to the “model answer key” that shows the marking scheme for the points covered in the answer.
– The Language orals will be conducted as an online assignment. The actual assignment and the submission protocols will be shared through email closer to the date. 

How do parents who are continuing online connect with the teachers?

You will continue to receive information about the PTM schedules. You can join the meetings as per your convenience, if you wish to interact with the subject teachers.

Picking up children

Where is the Mamma child pick up / drop off?

Mamma children means children who are not using the transport of the collaborated transport provider. Children coming on cycle, walking or with private transport operators are all a part of Mamma children. Arrangements have been made there for parents to enter, pick up their kids and leave. Please note the mamma child pick up/drop off points for each campus. 

Mamma children have to use the designated gate only. 

Shivane : Mamma child gate at the Secondary building entrance. (Nanded city side)

Wakad : Mamma child gate at the back side of the school building. (Police Chowky Road)

Fursungi : Mamma child gate on the front side of the school building.

What do I have to do to personally pick up my bus child in school?

Please make sure you have already informed the school on the earlier working day before 2 pm. Also, make sure you have come to the school office 30 minutes before actual dispersal time. If your child is old enough to understand, tell them to report to the office after their last period is over, to make it even smoother and easier. 

Different person than usual coming to pick up the child

When students are heading home after school, if the child is willing to go with the receiving adult, the child is handed over. If the child refuses to go with that person, the child is not handed over. Then we try to contact the parents and see what to do next. 

Therefore, make sure that your child is familiar with the person who is coming to pick up. We do not need to have further details of those individuals.

Early pick up of the child

This is not encouraged or allowed as a regular practice, but we do understand that there can be some emergencies once in a while. If it’s possible, please make sure you have already informed the school on the earlier working day before 2 pm. Also, make sure you come to the school office at least 40 minutes prior to the actual time that you want to receive the child.