The academic year will end on the 13th of April and will commence on the 15th of June for all primary and secondary students. As you know, at Walnut we are continuously in the effort to impart quality education to our students. For this, we have arranged for “Core Concept Strengthening” classes for English and Mathematics for the children.

In an English medium school, students should have good reading skills. That helps them with learning and writing for all other subjects too. The English Core classes are designed to help children get better at reading in order to understand. They target to slowly but steadily fill up the gap between the existing reading level and expected reading level of the student. These classes will also continue during the school year on Saturdays.

Mathematics has a lot of continuity. Having a weak foundation leads to more and more difficulties in the subject from Std. 6 onwards. Therefore, the Math Core classes are designed to help children get better at the concepts of their current year so they can handle the next year’s topics in a better way.

This is a professionally planned and serious academic program. Though this is an extra program, Walnut Parents are not being charged for these classes. However, regular attendance from you and your child is expected. This is an 8 day program and is being conducted in two batches.

If you wish to enroll for the program, do choose a batch convenient for you and your child. Record your choice of batch on or before 15th April, 2016 on this link. If online registration is not possible, do call up the school office to register. Registration is compulsory. Attendance without registration will not be allowed.

Sr. KG students going to Std. 1 are welcome to attend the English Level 0 program which is a beginner readers’ program.  That will be for one hour only sometime between 8 am and 10 am. The exact timing will be confirmed on 16th April.


Students selected for remedial teaching will receive an SMS from the school by 7th April. The program is strongly recommended for these students to help them cope better in the next academic year. However, for this track, one parent has to attend the class with the child. This is so that parents also understand the teaching techniques so that when they assist the child at home, it is in sync with the school’s teaching techniques.


Students from other schools who wish to benefit from these classes may also attend. These students would be charged a nominal fee of Rs. 100/- per batch. The fees would be collected in the school office. They can be paid any time after registration but before 15th April in office hours.

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