It is funny how during this pandemic, when everyone is restricted to their homes, time still does not cease to fly! It seems like just yesterday we were planning how to smoothly start off online schooling in June, and before we knew it….here we are, at the end of September and nearing the end of Term 1 as well!

September has been a month of academics, competitions and festivities at Walnut! So what’s in store for October?

Unit 2 exams, to start with! The teaching for Unit 2 was completed on 25 September, and currently the students are answering practice tests in preparation for the upcoming Unit 2 exams. The Unit 2 exams will be conducted from Monday, 5 October to Friday, 9 October. ….and then begins the fortnight that all Walnut students wait for : Masti Ki Pathshala!

Masti ki Pathshala takes a twist this year as it’s a Masti ki Online Pathshala. But, we have planned it so that the essence, spirit, benefits and learning still continue! For all those new to this concept, here’s a quick recap : The Masti ki Pathshala is a unique event targeted toward enhancing students’ life skills and strategy – building abilities. Students will be participating in Science experiments, mental arithmetic, fireless cooking, observation tasks and language games. Additionally, this year they would be taken on a virtual tour of the countries around the world and also decorate your dining table with fancy folded napkins. And all this, during regular school hours!

You must have noticed some new worksheets and material, along with the practice and unit tests you collected for October. Please keep these worksheets aside and safe until the teacher asks you to start solving them. Regular school would resume (after the exams) from Monday, 12 October and teachers would be conducting these ‘Masti Ki Pathshala’ activities during the usual live classes. The relevant assignments would also be posted on the respective subject Classrooms.

The objective of introducing these activities is to develop well – rounded personalities, who are exposed to various life skills. And what better way to learn them, than in the company of their classmates? We would love to know what you think about these extracurricular activities which make them form more connections in their brain (but just as important as academics!) as they get conducted during the live classes. Write to us and tell us whether your child enjoyed them, and if maybe you picked up a new skill from them too….oh yes, and don’t forget to send us videos and photographs!

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