Here come the Walnut Scholars!

Walnut school is committed to moulding and creating the next generation of India’s future ready students. With this aim in mind, we train our students for competitive exams right from Std. 1.

Our students of Std. 5 and Std. 8 took part in the Scholarship exam conducted by Maharashtra State. We are proud to announce that 6 students of Std. 5 and 20 students of Std. 8 made the State Scholarship cutoff!

The students who made the State Scholarship cut off for Std. 5

The students who made the State Scholarship cut off for Std. 8

The state also declared a Special Merit List of the top 50 students in the state. Walnut school has 5 Scholars in that list too!

These 5 students were felicitated in a special ceremony by the Deputy Chief Minister.

They are :

  1. Vireshwar Dhas – Std. 5 – Rank  12
  2. Vibha Kulkarni – Std. 5 – Rank 12
  3. Poorva Kulkarni – Std. 8 – Rank 4
  4. Parth Mayadeo – Std. 8 – Rank 5
  5. Parikshit Gadgil – Std. 8 – Rank 7

These students embody the spirit of Walnut School. Tough outside and smart inside!

Well done everyone!

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