A Handwriting Competition was organised on 14 August at Walnut School, Shivane and Fursungi. Students from Std 1 to 8 got a chance to exhibit their mastery over their handwriting skills. They competed against their own standards and were put into two categories – cursive and manuscript.

Our students had been gearing up for this competition for quite some time…and finally, the day arrived! Students entered into their classrooms, raring to go with freshly sharpened pencils and brand new writing material. The sheets were distributed, the clock struck and the students were off…They began to neatly and patiently copy down each line, word by word. So engrossed were they that a peaceful silence enveloped the entire school.

One key difference between their usual writing routine and the competition was the ‘time’ factor. It was not an ‘exam’ in a conventional sense; so they could take their time. And that they did!

They were careful with each letter and checked and re-checked every line that they copied. The final bell rang, and the papers were collected.

Now, all eyes were set on the results. Their exceptional handwriting skills made it incredibly hard to judge. And, after much deliberation, here are our final pen-champs!

Walnut Shivane:


Std 1: Mahi Gawande (Winner)
Std 1: Neel Rayakar (Runner up)
Std 2: Anannya Chandangole (Winner)
Std 2: Aryjeet Dhawade (Runner up)
Std 3: Yogini Phanshikar (Winner)
Std 3: Aashlesha Lole (Runner up)
Std 4: Shlok Sakulkar (Winner)
Std 4: Shreyash Sarpe (Runner up)
Std 5: Jassmine Selarka (Winner)
Std 5: Riju Mallewadikar (Runner up)
Std 6: Pratyusha Futane (Winner)
Std 6: Hrucha Sakulkar (Runner up)
Std 7: Mansu Parmar (Winner)
Std 7: Arman Shaikh (Runner up)
Std 8: Krisha Patil (Winner)
Std 8: Riya Marathe (Runner up)


Std 1: Pratham Pandey (Winner)
Std 2: Anushka Dhanorkar (Winner)
Std 2: Vaibhavi Shelar (Runner up)
Std 3: Ashlesha Rajput (Winner)
Std 3: Swanandi Dadhi (Runner up)
Std 4: Shrigauri Taddewadi (Winner)
Std 4: Amruta Mayadeo (Runner up)
Std 5: Sarthak Gujare (Winner)
Std 5: Abhidnya Godbole (Runner up)
Std 6: Kumar utsav Anand (Winner)
Std 6: Shrimay Patil (Runner up)
Std 7: Saniya Dhawde (Winner)
Std 8: Ashmit Shinde (Runner up)
Std 8: Deepaansh Sial (Winner)

Walnut Fursungi:


Std 1: Mrunal Kute
Std 1: Aayush Chavan
Std 2: Srushti Upase
Std 2: Aarya Kinekar
Std 3: Vidisha Ghonmode
Std 4: Ayushi Bagchi
Std 5: Maithilee Wakse
Std 6: Ishwari Kamble


Std 1: Shlok Kulkarni
Std 1: Aadhya Mandal Readdy
Std 2: Atharva Biradar
Std 2: Nihira Kulkarni
Std 3: Sanhita Devade
Std 4: Gargi Shandilya
Std 5: Sonukumar Sahu
Std 6: Antra Waje

We hope and believe that our kids, in similar way, will keep creating the same sort of artistic magic through their scribbles. For every stroke of theirs is all we bank on, to instil life into dull texts; and keep the dwindling art of handwriting alive.

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