Excitement had been coursing in the veins of our Std 3 to 6 students ever since the Fun Fair announcement had been made. The students were asked to make their own groups of 4 to 6 students and plan either a food stall or a games stall. They were allowed to take help from their parents, but were encouraged to think and plan as creatively as possible.

The objective behind organizing a fun fair in school, is to expose the students to sales and marketing strategies. They observe first – hand how market competition works, how people may choose cost over quality sometimes, and how they may end up splurging on some non-selling product!

As the morning of 4th March dawned bright and clear, our young entrepreneurs (or funtrepeneurs, as we like to call them!) set up their respective stalls in the Secondary School campus. This time the fun fair was bigger and better than the last time, as could be seen from the number of stalls being readied in preparation for the guests.

Our students bustled about, putting up advertisements, dressing themselves up in aprons and chef hats and overall enjoying their day of handling a business! There were 19 food stalls, which served a variety of mouth – watering dishes like chaat, Nachos, Dahi wada, Misal pav, Pastries, Oreo milkshakes, etc.

Some students even thought of using the PA system of the school to announce their wares! How creative!

Walnut School

In addition, there were around 8 games stalls that were hosting innovative games like Pyramid of Glasses, Tail the Donkey, Telegram Construction and many more! The proud parents, teachers, relatives and friends were seen reliving their childhood as they tried their hand at the various games and won prizes, too.

A merchandise stall organized by students of Std 6 were also selling Harry Potter wands. The team had tried to replicate the wands as described in the book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Only in this case, the wand didn’t choose you, you had to choose the wand for yourself!

Our young funtrepreneurs soaked in the experience of appeasing crowds with combo offers or discounted rates and earning well – deserved money, literally ‘all in a day’s work’!

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