Looking at sky, there seemed a possibility of heavy rain. All thanks to the Mother Nature, nothing sort of that happened. Seizing the opportunity, the mats were swiftly rolled. Students made it to ground. More happy. Enthusiastic. Oh yes! Some were a little bit nervous too.

“What is going to happen?” they wondered.

But all it took a single magical whistle—whoosh! —restlessness thinned in air.

The session kicked off with the meditation.

Have a look at these cute lil babas…

As the session progressed various Asanas were performed.

These included Bhramari, Tadasana, Surya Namaskar, Vajrasana and  Dhanurasana.

Any guesses why we were doing all these Aasanas?

Yup. It was the International Yoga Day, and we wanted to show our support to the almost magical form of exercise!

The tough kids of Walnut, they were really trying hard. Slipping up and again trying.

But, you know, with each fall and rise, their ‘smile’ remained intact.

They thought of it as some ‘game’. And isn’t that it is supposed to be? In Yoga, or in life. You fall, and then you pick yourself up. So apart from a good health and a majestic well-being, Yoga teaches us wonderful life lessons too!

This Yoga Day, we wish you and your family an abundance of health.

Stay fit. Stay healthy.

On this note, we would also highly encourage you, as parents to show your support to another brilliant movement started by our Hon’ble Sports Minister, Mr. Rathore ji, called #HumFitTohIndiaFit, where you put up your video or photo doing some physical exercise!

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