At Walnut School, we’re all about providing a smooth and stress-free schooling experience for our amazing students and awesome parents too! 

We all know that examinations are an inevitable part of life and they serve an essential purpose (there’s no escaping that fact!). But fret not! When it comes to those critical Std. 10 CBSE board exams, we’ve got a killer approach to exam prep that’s like our secret sauce for success! So, what’s our secret weapon? It’s none other than the fabulous Walnut Prelims – a series of well-planned assessments that empower our students and help them sail through their exams!

Our academic program is meticulously planned and executed, finishing up the syllabus well in advance. Why? So that the students have plenty of time for revisions and focused preparation. This allows our students to be thoroughly prepared for the board exams without any last-minute stress.

Multiple Rounds of Prelims

Our students solve 2 rounds of half prelims and a mind-blowing 4 rounds of full prelims! Yep, you heard that right! We’re not showing off (well, maybe just a little 😉), but these prelims are a game-changer in their board exam journey.

We keep a close eye on their performances in each prelim, which helps us fine-tune our teaching approach, making sure we’re giving each student the support they need to succeed.

Those who consistently excel in the prelims, get to level up with advanced papers with  higher difficulty levels. This way, they are ready to handle the tricky personal response (HOTS) questions with confidence, giving them an edge during the board exams.

But hey, we don’t leave anyone behind! We also look out for our students who might need some extra care. For those facing challenges in the prelims, we’ve got their backs. They get some extra support through retests – a chance to learn from their mistakes and boost their performance.

Eliminating fear and stress

The run-up to those final board exams can be pretty nerve-wracking, right? Well, not with our Walnut Prelims in the picture! By solving these prelims over and over, students become familiar with the exam format, and the fear of board exams starts to fade away. Those exams become just another routine thing for the students, and they approach them with loads of confidence and a super chill mindset.

At Walnut School, we’ve got the recipe for success – a smooth journey, mind-blowing prelims, and fearless students ready to conquer the world! ‘Tough outside and smart inside’ for sure!

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