Meet and Greet for our KG students!

We had a fun “meet and greet” session for our kindergarten students in Fursungi and for our Sr KG students in Shivane.

We were so excited to see our Baby Walnuts in person – after having met them online for two whole years! We wanted to interact with the parents in the real world too.

The kids enjoyed the vibrant classrooms, interacted face to face with their friends and teachers, used the different facilities in the school and even got to change classrooms, like the old normal! Our teachers got so emotional to see these little humans in the flesh, that there were hugs and high fives all around.

The parents got an overview of our school’s philosophy, the road ahead in Walnut and ideas on how they could stimulate their child’s intelligence at home. When it was time for coffee, snacks and gappa-goshti, the parents met the management team from the school, some people from the head office and even got to know each other.

There were praises all around for the curriculum, planning, execution and philosophy of Walnut School. It gave the whole team a new vigour to work even harder for the children. When it was time to leave, no one really wanted to! There were promises of making such events a regular affair and hopes to have in person school open for the kindergarten too – which we are all eagerly looking forward to.

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Preparation for the first day of Walnut School

The journey so far has been a very exciting one. We have crossed 400 admissions in the first year itself! We would like to thank our parents profusely for putting tremendous faith in our educational system. No doubt, we will be making sure that we live up to their expectations.

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