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Quick glimpse of what is to come at Walnut School in 2020-21

Walnut School will start officially from June 1. It will be an online start. We have planned a “blended” program, which means it’s a mixture of offline and online. We have done it this way to tackle a number of problems that families face. So, a small part of the e-school will be “live” and larger part will be offline. This will give the parents and the students enough flexibility to manage the school day according to the parents’ convenience.

There is going to be a lot of activity on that front! Walnut’s academic calendar is always fully packed! To add to it, our teachers and research and development and software teams have been working non-stop weekends and weekdays to create a lot of alternative material and platforms that would make the school-at-home experience a smooth and interesting one too! (Without making parents open the books and start studying and trying to become ‘teachers’ and turning the home into a battlefield.. haha)

Instructions about that along with logins, passwords and the whole method of how to access the classrooms, the schedule, discussions, assignments etc. would be done will be sent in a separate email. We have planned “Warm up” lessons to make sure everyone has technically understood how to be a part of the e-school and then the “serious” content will start.

We have also been researching what has happened in online schooling around the world and interacting with administrators around the world. Our research and development team has also identified the mind-set changes and psychology that is needed to be a participant in an e-school. We will be having those “virtual orientations” for students and parents as well – through emails, audios, videos etc.

What about physical school, like it used to be in the good old pre-Coronavirus times? That will happen…eventually. We all know that the safest place to be in right now is home. But, nothing can stop forever, can it? As other things are restarting, so will school. Schools will at some point HAVE to resume in full swing, we are building the future of nation, after all.

What we don’t know right now is when and what the protocols will be when we start and how we will slowly be asked to come back to normal. Once we receive government instructions, arrangements will also be made accordingly and we will of course be keeping parents in the loop. At this moment, there are no directions from the government regarding this. Only online school is allowed to start at the moment.

Stay tuned for yet another fantastic Walnut Experience!

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