Developing minds are usually quite curious about everything that goes on around them. We are working on channeling that curiosity through research based activity sheets that we have specifically designed for our students. We want them to get a better perspective on all the things that they are meant to learn. Making sense of things and being sharp are going to be the most important skills that our children will need when they grow up and step out into the adult world. Educationists believe that even at the highest levels of education, in the most premier institutes like IITs, these qualities are missing.


Research is a systematic way of gathering information, analyzing it and then drawing a conclusion.

It’s not just for scientists in the laboratory. It’s for anyone who wishes to explore the unknown.

We have created sheets with great efforts and care, titled Explore On! especially to help our students get an extra edge over others.

These are for parents who are always on the lookout to go the extra mile for their children. These are to tickle the curiosity of students who are always thirsty for more knowledge, more challenges and more problems.

It’s just like taking an advanced course to conquer the future!

Students from Std. 3 onwards will receive sheets titled ‘Explore On’ from time to time. These are broadly categorized as Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies.

Hints and answers will be given from time to time to check if the students are on the right track.

Explore On! Sheets

Aren’t ‘homework’ sheets
Are not to be brought back to school
Are not to be given to the teacher for checking

These sheets are based on concepts that the students learn in class. There is more in – depth information about an idea they have learnt or a broader perspective of a principle. Questions may require children to talk to a doctor or a surgeon or look up information online or discuss something with an engineer! It makes the children think, talk, read up and discuss things that they normally would not in the course of their regular academics.

These sheets are targeted towards giving the students more practice of each concept they learn in class. Once the class worksheets and the homework sheets are solved, these sheets give the children and parents who still desire more additional problems to work on. Problems may be across various concepts and levels and would require additional thinking.

These sheets make the students research famous personalities or places. They urge the students to get a better perspective of the time and the place when they study history. They may have to study the development in a place and dig deeper to know more. Some activities require the students to watch a speech or a debate or study a case and cite their opinion. They may have to talk to a lawyer and get additional information too!

These sheets follow a story or a novel through a unit. The sheets are interspersed with brain teasers that help the students build up on their vocabulary and explore the language in greater depth. These sheets also aim to develop the four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

In this way, the ‘Explore On’ series will generate or sustain our students’ interest in the subjects they learn in school. For the students who are disinterested in certain subjects, these sheets might spark an interest. For the students who are already interested, who says there is an end to learning?

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At Walnut, we believe in imparting as many skills as we can to enable our students to become sound in their thinking. That is why we have the approach that we do in all the topics that we teach. All our activities in school have one goal – to make sure our children have an edge when they step out of school!