Right from Std. 1 and all the way up to Std. 10, Walnut students have Strategic Thinking as a part of their weekly timetable.

With this experience, our students are ready to fight it out in teams in board game competitions. We encourage maximum participation and students have an absolute blast.

Here is the competition format

  • The students participate as a team of 2 students playing together (as one).
  • Team members are of the same standard (divisions, genders can all be mixed up, no problem!)
  • It starts with a coin toss to see who goes first.
  • Each round is a knockout.
  • The winning team moves ahead to the next round to compete against winners from other tables.
  • The team that does not win is eliminated from the competition in that round.

All material required is provided by Walnut School (remember, we are hassle free for parents!)

What is allowed from home: The students ‘game brain’ and whoever they think helps out the most with strategy in that game, if they want a quick consultation in time-outs + their own cheerleaders (parents and whoever else).


  • Game rules to be followed. Moves must be completed within the given time.
  • Students are allowed to consult or communicate in a non disturbing way with their partners at any point in the game.
  • Students are allowed to consult or communicate in any way with their parents etc. in the time-out only. Participants must step outside the playing arena for this.
  • Cheerleaders/parents/spectators/strategizers may not enter the arena at any point of time.
  • Max 2 timeouts per team
  • The entire game must finish in the time that is mentioned. Else, at that point of time whichever team is in the winning position moves ahead.

Important Points For Students

  • Must have a good night’s sleep, as a fresh mind brings in a fresh perspective.
  • Must be calm and confident, as that is one way to defeat the competition 😉
  • Pair up with smart thinkers to maximize chances of winning.

Special note to parents :

  • We urge parents to resist the impulse to take over for their child the moment they seem to be giving up. We want our students to be able to think on their own when the situation is a bit uncomfortable or difficult and try to figure out what to do.
  • This is a crucial personality trait to develop for success in later life.
  • If some students come up to parents to ask doubts, parents are asked to pretend to think and ask students back what they think would be a good idea to go ahead. It is wiser to not offer solutions right away. Parents should let the students think and guide them towards weighing the pros and cons of the decisions that they are taking.
  • Walnut students are destined to be amazing adults as they get such practice – probably much better than their parents – isn’t that what we all want for our next generation?
  • We encourage introverted children to try and gather the courage to approach someone to form a team, let them have the opportunity to make a new friend. It’s a safe space, and our team is always there to help out if needed.
  • Every child to participates in this competition.
  • If students have arguments with their classmates in the process of practicing or deciding strategy, we let them figure it out. Helicopter parenting is actively discouraged.
  • This is all for the kids – let them make their mistakes, let them learn, let them grow.

Click on the link below to explore our selection of board games.

Let the games begin!