Have you ever sat down as a family and played a board game together?

It gives you special family time, you have conversations, fights and poke fun at each other. You are also creating new memories and strengthening the family bond. 


Apart from these obvious benefits, board games help your child in many more ways. The teach the child about:

  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Patience, compromise, negotiation
  • Increasing attention span and focus
  • Strategizing, problem solving
  • Finding loopholes, 
  • Critical thinking, confidence building
  • Building skills required for science and math
  • Sportsmanship, winning and losing gracefully
  • Social skills, communication skills, following rules
  • Quick thinking, Risk taking
  • Building resilience, improved decision making
  • Mental health



Playing board games is part of the regular co-curricular strategic thinking program at Walnut School. This helps to work on several very critical life skills in the students which cannot be developed in any other way.

In this digital age full of interruptions for the attention span, board games are a great way to “unplug”. No other activity offers all these benefits at one go. 

At Walnut, we have carefully selected board games from all over the world. We have modified them keeping in mind the age of the children and the skills that they already have.

We also have to make sure that the students finish a round in about 10 minutes so that they can play 2 more rounds and apply their learning and new strategies in the subsequent games. They can also switch partners so that they get to face different gaming styles.

The whole classroom becomes a gaming zone. It’s so much fun to watch that you can only imagine how amazing it must be to be a student in such a program. The students are getting smarter, making memories and creating good, strong neural pathways in their brain to use in the future.

At Walnut School, our students play a lot of abstract strategy games including puzzles, board games and card games.

Check out some of our sample board games that you can download for free!

Walnut School – Std. 1 Board Games
Walnut School – Std. 2 Board Games
Walnut School – Std. 3 Board Games
Walnut School – Std. 4 Board Games
Walnut School – Std. 5 Board Games

With all these benefits how can you even imagine an academic program without board games?

Click on the link below to explore our selection of board games.

Let the games begin!