At Walnut school, we believe in providing our students with a stress-free learning environment that nurtures their minds and helps them excel in academics and beyond.

A  multitude of activities, well balanced academics and daily sports, allows our students to develop a well-rounded personality while focusing on their academic growth. Our innovative learning system is led by educationists who understand the importance of developing a strong academic foundation in our students.

The result is that our children are way ahead of their peers with very agile and sharp minds and knowledge and understanding.

For example, Walnut School students in Sr KG are two years ahead of their peers in reading and writing, have a better vocabulary and fluency in English, and are better equipped to handle the CBSE curriculum in Std 1.

We see a huge gap in the abilities of the Std 1 students who come from Baby Walnut and those who come from other kindergartens. Baby Walnut students are far ahead of their peers. And this difference is seen more and more as the years progress, where Walnut students are significantly “smarter” than their peers – academically, physically and even with respect to the overall enthusiasm to participate in any activity.


This achievement not only brings pride to the students but also gives them a sense of confidence and self-esteem, which helps them excel in their future academic endeavors.

Being ahead of their peers also means that students can more easily understand and engage with the content presented to them. They are able to process information more quickly and accurately. These students have a competitive edge when it comes to future academic and career opportunities as they are more likely to be recognized for their exceptional abilities and have access to more advanced courses, internships, and career opportunities.

We’ve observed that students who join us early benefit the most from our experience. They exhibit higher confidence and performance compared to their non-Walnut peers. Our innovative learning system, combined with a stress-free environment, helps our students develop agile and sharp minds, deep knowledge, and understanding, which allows them to excel in all aspects of their lives.