Financial literacy is the ability to understand and manage one’s finances effectively. It is an essential skill that every person should possess, including children. In today’s world, where the economy is rapidly changing, it is vital for children to have knowledge about finances and how to manage them.


At Walnut school, we teach our students this vital life skill from as early as Std.3 and 4. The curriculum covers basic concepts like savings, income, and expenses, and gradually progresses to more complex topics like inflation, insurance, and trading. By the time students finish Std. 6 and 7, they can decode a paycheck and understand the workings of the stock market.

Our Std.7th students discuss investments and passive incomes of the family with their parents, Std. 6 students weigh in on the family discussion about insurances and the covers that the family needs to take to protect themselves from unexpected losses or expenses.

Walnut students are better equipped to understand the world and its workings than their peers, with the confidence and ability to analyze and present their opinions.