Sports Day

Sports Day at Walnut School is an exciting event that celebrates sportsmanship and achievements. It is the time when students get to showcase their skills and compete for the trophy for their house. The preparation for this event begins with eliminations where only the top performers compete on the actual day.

Sports Day includes various races, games, flag marches, and demos that heat up the atmosphere. The event teaches children the importance of sportsmanship, being gracious winners, and being balanced and sensible when they don’t win. It is a day for making memories and acknowledging the achievements of our children.

The prize distribution for the winners takes place immediately after the competitions. Parents also participate in separate games and join in the fun. Sports Day teaches children to be tough outside and smart inside, just like what we want all our Walnut students to be.

Sports Day at Walnut School is a fun-filled and exciting event that fosters team spirit, healthy competition, and physical fitness. It helps students develop essential life skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. Overall, it is an event that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among children.



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